Partial solar eclipse
The Solar eclipse worksheet (age 11–14) can be found here.    
A partial solar eclipse
What is a solar eclipse, and how is it caused? What can members of the public expect to see, and how can they observe an eclipse safely? This booklet, first published January 2015, explains the answers to these questions and more. It also includes…
A partial solar eclipse
The Solar Eclipse Newspaper article resource can be found here.  
A student looking through a telescope
The RAS work closely with lead educators and teachers to identify excellent educational resources that can be used by students and teachers, in order to support the teaching of astronomy and geophysics topics. One of the most comprehensive…
    Astronomy Picture of the Day A new astronomical image every day, with an archive of thousands of pictures.   2MASS images Infrared colour composites constructed from 2MASS Atlas Images   AAO images Thumbnails of the celebrated images taken…