The RAS is committed to creating an environment where diversity is celebrated and everyone is treated fairly, regardless of colour, ethnic or national origin, race, gender, gender reassignment, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, religious

At the RAS we are committed to supporting our Fellows and ensuring the Code of Conduct and Diversity and Inclusion Policy is adhered to.

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The Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) has the strategic aim of engaging a range of audiences with astronomy, geophysics and other closely related branches of science. Key groups for this work are children and young adults.

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Front cover of the Exploring the Workplace for LGBT+ Physical Scientists report
SCIENTISTS MUST CREATE CULTURE OF TOLERANCE TO IMPROVE LGBT+ RETENTION A new survey from the Royal Astronomical Society, Royal Society of Chemistry and the Institute of Physics has shown that the workplace for LGBT+ physical scientists is
Rishi Mistry

I completed my MSci at Imperial College London in Physics. I had not previously considered doing a PhD but in my final year I worked on data from the Cassini satellite and found the research really interesting, and decided that spending a few

Chris Davies

I am an Associate Professor at the University of Leeds, interested in the dynamics and evolution of deep planetary interiors and how these bodies generate global magnetic fields.

I received the Winton Capital award (G) for work showing

Helen Mason

RAS Annie Maunder Medal for Outreach, 2018 Helen Mason has a passion for studying the Sun, which she loves to share with everyone - students, school children, the public, indeed anyone who will listen, even at music festivals like SolarSphere and

Travel expenses for RAS diversity ambassador visits to schools

The RAS has partnered with STEMNET to create a new scheme called the 'diversity ambassador scheme'. This is part of our ongoing commitment to broaden the diversity of people engaging

Jim Hough

My name is James Hough and I won the 2018 RAS Gold medal (A) for my experimental contribution to the detection of gravitational waves from coalescing black holes in the Universe by the LIGO/Virgo detector collaboration.

My whole career

On 14 January 1916, four women finally won the right to be elected to fellowship of the Royal Astronomical Society, recognising their achievement in astronomy and geophysics. To celebrate this anniversary, in 2016 the RAS told the stories of