Q&A - The Year in Space

It's been an exciting time for space exploration, so Izzie and Dr Becky celebrate the year in space.... co-incidentally the title of The Supermassive Podcast's book which is out in October. How do plants grow in the ISS? Has JWST changed ideas about cosmology? And when will we get a home gravitational wave detector? The honourable Izzie Clarke, Dr Becky Smethurst, Dr Robert Massey, and (his excellency) space and science journalist Richard Hollingham take on your questions. Pre-order our upcoming book The Year In Space for a run down of the most exciting space news and a look to the year ahead: https://geni.us/jNcrw Listen to Space Boffins: https://www.thenakedscientists.com/podcasts/astronomy-podcasts/space-boffins/apollo-remastered Listen to Gardeners of the Galaxy: https://gardenersofthegalaxy.podbean.com/ Bookclub: The Year in Space - The Supermassive Podcast (that's us!) Apollo Remastered - Andy Saunders Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning - Richard Hinckley Allen A Responsibility to Awe - Rebecca Elson A Brief History of Black Holes - Dr Becky Smethurst

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