Icy Worlds

Wrap up warm, because this month Izzie and Dr Becky are exploring the icy worlds in the solar system. To help, they're joined by Caroline Harper, Head of Space Science at the UK Space Agency, to discuss the new mission heading to explore Jupiter’s icy moons. And they hear from Professor Michele Dougherty from Imperial College London, who sent Cassini to investigate Saturn’s moon Enceladus. Plus Dr Robert Massey takes on your questions and shares his latest stargazing tips for autumn. Join the Royal Astronomical Society's livestream of Uranus, 8th-10th October 2021: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-weird-and-wonderful-world-of-uranus-world-space-week-tickets-183281298297 Thank you to the UK Space Agency for sponsoring this episode. The Supermassive Podcast is a Boffin Media Production by Izzie Clarke and Richard Hollingham.

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