Radiation Belts and Billionaires

This month it’s all about the trapped charged particles around our planet - the Van Allen radiation belts. Izzie and Dr Becky find out all about them with the help of Dr Maria Theresia Walach from Lancaster University, and Dr David Devorkin from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum explains how Explorer 1 discovered the belts in 1958. Plus, Dr Robert Massey joins to take on your questions and shares his top stargazing tips for July.  The podcast is looking for sponsorship to keep the series running. It'll help fund the recording, editing and time needed to bring you the latest from space. If you have a business that would be interested in supporting the series - or just a single episode - then email podcast@ras.ac.uk (mailto:podcast@ras.ac.uk) with the subject “sponsorship” for more information. This is a Boffin Media production by Izzie Clarke and Richard Hollingham 

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