Geophysical Journal International

Geophysical Journal international (GJI) is the primary solid-earth geophysics journal based in Europe, publishing the results of research on the earth's internal structure, physical properties, evolution and processes covering all aspects of theoretical, computational and observational geophysics.

Subjects covered include:

  • earthquake and controlled-source seismology, tides, the Earth's gravitational field in relation to its shape, deep interior, crustal structure, stress and isostasy;

  • palaeomagnetism and rock magnetism and their applications to geomagnetism, internal processes and geotectonics;
  • heat flow, electromagnetism, rheology and volcanology;
  • geophysics applied to the structure and evolution or rifts, ridges, trenches, mountains, continents and oceans.

See the GJI infographic, the current members of the GJI Editorial Board, or see the Oxford Journals website for online access and more information (including full Instructions to Authors).