Places you can find support

At the RAS we are committed to supporting our Fellows and ensuring the Code of Conduct and Diversity and Inclusion Policy is adhered to.

Our anonymous reporting form allows you to report something anonymously that you might have witnessed, been informed about or endured during any association with the RAS or RAS events and conferences.

The RAS takes all complaints very seriously. 

The RAS cannot offer direct advice but if you require more support than an anonymous reporting form can offer, a number of external support organisations are available. If you would prefer, you can report something by speaking confidentially to the RAS Diversity officer or you can formally report an incident to the Executive Director or President of the RAS, as outlined in the Code of Conduct.

If you have been the victim of harassment, hate crime or sexual misconduct, support is available to you. All support is non-judgemental and tailored to your needs.  

Please remember in an emergency please dial 999.

Other ways to report, via the Police, can be found here.

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