The RAS is committed to creating an environment where diversity is celebrated and everyone is treated fairly, regardless of colour, ethnic or national origin, race, gender, gender reassignment, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, religious

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The Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) has the strategic aim of engaging a range of audiences with astronomy, geophysics and other closely related branches of science. Key groups for this work are children and young adults.

This procedural

SCIENTISTS MUST CREATE CULTURE OF TOLERANCE TO IMPROVE LGBT+ RETENTION A new survey from the Royal Astronomical Society, Royal Society of Chemistry and the Institute of Physics has shown that the workplace for LGBT+ physical scientists is

On 14 January 1916, four women finally won the right to be elected to fellowship of the Royal Astronomical Society, recognising their achievement in astronomy and geophysics. To celebrate this anniversary, in 2016 the RAS told the stories of

My name is Ingo Waldmann and I’m a lecturer in astrophysics at the University College London (UCL). In 2019 I won the RAS Fowler Award (G) for my work in machine learning to characterising the atmospheres of extrasolar planets. Exoplanets are

Pride in STEM, House of STEM, and InterEngineering are proud to announce the launch of the first ever International Day of LGBT+ people in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths, called LGBTSTEM Day, to be celebrated on 5 July 2018.

Nial Tanvir is a professor of astronomy at the University of Leicester, and is the recipient of the 2019 Herschel Medal of the RAS. 

Nial obtained his PhD from the University of Durham for a thesis on the extragalactic distance scale. He

The first meeting of the LGBT+ physicists’ and astronomers’ network took place in March 2016. This was an opportunity for members from both the Institute of Physics and RAS to share their thoughts about the support that professional membership

Name: Louise Harra

Job: Director of PMOD/WRC in Davos, Switzerland and affiliated professor at ETH Zürich

Medal: Chapman medal 2014

My career probably started out with a trip to Armagh Planetarium when I was in primary