About the Database of Obituaries

This database lists obituaries of Fellows, Associates and Honorary Members of the RAS from the 1820s onwards. The obituaries were published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS), Memoirs of the RAS, Quarterly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society (QJRAS) and Astronomy and Geophysics (A&G). Links to obituaries published elsewhere are also provided where possible (for an explanatory list of abbreviated journal titles, see here). This listing of the historical membership of the Royal Astronomical Society was originally compiled by Anthony J. Kinder, and digitised in 2008 by Ian Ridpath.

This resource has made use of the Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

NameBornDiedElectedMembership status
Richard Francis Turney GrangerFellow
Robert GrantFellow
William GravattFellow
Capt. Thomas GravesFellow
Peter GrayFellow
M-Gen. William du Gard GrayFellow
William Michael Herbert GreavesFellow
Henry Ernest GreenFellow
Nathaniel Everett GreenFellow
Samuel Morris GreenFellow
J Mayo GreenbergFellow
Lieut. Augustus Percival GreeneFellow
John Anderton GreenwoodFellow
Abbé Henri GrégoireAssociate
Benjamin GregoryFellow
Christopher Clive Langton GregoryFellow
Olinthus Gilbert GregoryFellow
Sir Richard Arman GregoryFellow
Adm. Alexis Samuilovich GreigFellow
Cmdr. Edward John GriffinFellow
Idwal Owain GriffithFellow
John Edwards GriffithFellow
John GriffithsFellow
John GriggFellow
Stephen GroombridgeFellow
Col. Edmond Herbert Grove-HillsFellow
Capt. John GroverFellow
Sir Howard GrubbFellow
Hon. Lionel George William GuestFellow
Rev. Henry Grattan GuinnessFellow
Colin Stanley GumFellow
Beno GutenbergFellow
Paul GuthnickAssociate
Joseph GwiltFellow
Johan August Hugo GyldénAssociate
Margherita HackHonorary Fellow
Rev. Johann Georg HagenAssociate
Yusuke HagiharaFellow
George Ellery HaleAssociate
Asaph HallAssociate
Capt. Basil HallFellow
John James HallFellow
Maxwell HallFellow
Rev. William HallFellow
George Price Blackwood HallowesFellow
Jacob Karl Ernst HalmFellow
George Hall HamiltonFellow
Rev. Henry Parr HamiltonFellow
Sir William Rowan HamiltonFellow
Frederic HammondFellow
Henry Howard HammondFellow
Arthur HandsFellow
Julie Marie Vinter HansenFellow
Peter Andreas HansenAssociate
Joseph Alfred HardcastleFellow
George Alfred HardingFellow
Karl Ludwig HardingAssociate
Sir George Francis HardyFellow
Godfrey Harold HardyFellow
Frederick James HargreavesFellow
Rev. Robert HarleyFellow
Reginald James HarmanJunior Member
Gen. Sir Henry Drury HarnessFellow
William HarnettFellow
Guillermo HaroFellow, later Associate
Daniel Lester III HarrisFellow
Alfred Newton HarrisFellow
Bertrand John HarrisFellow
Charles Hope HarrisFellow
Augustus S. HarrisonFellow
Capt. Jasper Nicolls HarrisonFellow
William Ernest HartleyFellow
Johannes Franz HartmannAssociate
Willy HartnerFellow, later Associate
James HartnessFellow
John Chapman HartnupFellow
John HartnupFellow
John Penn HartreeFellow
Henry HarveyFellow
Rev. John Horsley HaslamFellow
Takeo HatanakaFellow
Tim HawardenFellow
John Granville HawkeFellow
Hester Periam HawkinsFellow
William (‘Will’) Thomson HayFellow
Churisho HayashiHonorary Fellow
Mark Bernard Brewer HeathFellow
Thomas Edward HeathFellow
Walter HeathFellow
Otto Hermann Leopold HeckmannAssociate
Henry Burdett HederstedtFellow
Rev. Herbert HedleyFellow
Wladimír Wáclav HeinrichFellow
Eduard HeisAssociate
Clarisse Doris HellmanFellow
Friedrich Robert HelmertAssociate
Rev. Andrew HendersonFellow
Thomas HendersonFellow
Frederick William HenkelFellow
William Henry HennahFellow