New RAS journal invites submissions and reviewers


The new open access RAS journal, RAS Techniques and Instruments (RASTI)is set to open for submissions in November 2021, and invites the astronomy and geoscience communities to make submissions from next month. 

RAS Techniques and Instruments is a broad-scope journal covering data science, software, and instrumentation, for both astrophysics and geophysics. This new journal provides a high-quality, open access forum for advancements in data methods, instrumentation and new theoretical and modelling developments, to further their contribution to the rich research environment in the fields of astronomy and geophysics. RAS Techniques and Instruments will follow the high publication and quality standards of its sister journals MNRAS and GJI, also from the Royal Astronomical Society. 

RASTI is led by Prof. Jonathan Tennyson, a distinguished scientist working in the field of astronomical spectroscopy and theoretical molecular physics at University College London (UCL). He will be joined on the Editorial Board by a group of renowned researchers representing scientific expertise from around the world.

The RAS also invites researchers in relevant disciplines to become reviewers for the journal. If you are interested in objectively evaluating the quality and rigour of the papers we will publish, we are keen to hear from you. For more information please contact Dr Kim Clube, RAS Publishing Manager (


Submitted by Pam Rowden on Tue, 12/10/2021 - 12:11