Prof. Jonathan Tennyson (Editor-in-Chief 2021-present)


University College London, UK

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Jonathan Tennyson is Massey Professor of Physics at University College London, where he is a former Head of the Department of Physics and Astronomy; he is also a Fellow of The Royal Society. His research specialises in the accurate quantum mechanical treatments of both the spectroscopy and collision properties of small molecules, with an emphasis on the provision of data for other research areas.

His ExoMol project provides extensive molecular line lists for exoplanets and other atmospheres. Other applications of his calculations are to studies of the interstellar medium, atmospheric physics and plasma physics. He is founder and Director of Quantemol Ltd., which provides software and consultancy to the technological plasma industry and Blues Skies Space Ltd., which is managing the Twinkle exoplanet characterisation space mission. He is also a member of the consortium for ESA's exoplanet characterisation space mission Ariel.