London Amateur Astrophysics Group (LAAG)

Are you an amateur Astrophysicist? Have you always had a desire to learn more about stars, black holes, the planets, the Universe,...?

The London Amateur Astrophysics Group (LAAG) is welcoming new members for its 2019/2020 series of meetings.

LAAG aims to provide a friendly informal setting where members of public can meet to discuss and learn about Astrophysics.

Example topics covered include: The dynamic Sun, Star and galaxy formation, Black holes: the data, Active galactic nuclei, Radio observations, The Cosmic Microwave Background, Dark matter/energy, Binary stars, Cepheid Variables, 1919 and Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, Supernovae, Planet formation, Exo-planets, The Moon, and some related topics such as Special Relativity, stellar physics, nuclear physics etc. Members are free to propose any topics of interest to the group.

The meeting will be for amateurs who already have some knowledge of Astrophysics, want to learn more and wish to participate in discussions on the above topics. 

Though not compulsory, it is hoped that members will at some point volunteer to speak on topics that might be of general interest to the Group. The setting is relatively informal and aims to be very friendly! This is education and learning by the group for the group.

Level / Requirements: 

Some sessions will involve mathematical modelling so ideally members will have A level maths / physics or a STEM degree that involved mathematical modelling. 

The meetings are aimed at non-professionals (since there are several other seminars and courses for those who have already studied or who are studying Astrophysics).

Age: Adults

Cost: Free


The meetings will be held throughout 2019/2020 every couple of weeks on Friday lunchtime.

Where: Central London at the Royal Astronomical Society on Piccadilly (nearest tubes Green Park and Piccadilly).

Interested? Please contact: 

Anyone interested should contact Sheila Kanani.