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A student looking through a telescope
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A student looking through a telescope

The RAS work closely with lead educators and teachers to identify excellent educational resources that can be used by students and teachers, in order to support the teaching of astronomy and geophysics topics.

One of the most comprehensive databases of astronomy and geophysics resources is maintained by ESERO-UK.

The resources have been linked to the latest UK curricula and teaching specifications, covering primary and secondary education.

Many major topics covered…

Many of the astronomical and geophysical topics are covered by resources in the database. These include cosmology and the Big Bang, the evolution of stars, plate tectonics, seismology and the solar system, amongst many others. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, or if it doesn't exist yet, please get in touch with the Education and Outreach team at the RAS and we will assist you.

Outreach Resources

The Royal Astronomical Society has requested information from Institutions, Colleges, Schools and Individuals who are willing to provide outreach resources to promote and encourage an interest in Astronomy and Geophysics. As part of this, the RAS has produced a searchable map to find those located within a specific area.