General astronomy & astrophysics links

News stories of general astronomical interest can be found at:

Sky maps

Maps of the night sky (as seen from northern temperate latitudes), and other information, are provided by:

More general facilities for sky maps are available from:

HM Nautical Almanac Office (HMNAO) provides a range of astronomical information, from positions of celestial objects to eclipse predictions.

If you want to 'buy a star' for a loved one, the IAU has some advice for you.

We have suggestions for starting in astronomy, and guidance on buying a telescope in our outreach pages. You can also find lists of astronomical image websites and e-journals.

The easiest way to see the International Space Station is by using NASA's 'by city' listings.

Educational resources can be found on this website or via the ESERO-UK database.

Amateur astronomy organisations and societies

Further comprehensive lists of resources

  • Astroweb: Astronomy resources on the Internet.

Astronomical software (mostly) for home use

Other suggestions:

  • XEphem (for advanced users; various platforms).
  • IAU SOFA (algorithms and procedures for standard models used in fundamental astronomy)