Deep Earth Seismology Cambridge resources

Are you an educator looking to include real-world links to the Deep Earth in your science and maths lessons?

Deep Earth Seismology Cambridge have developed three resource packs for this exact purpose. 

Aimed at KS3 (11-14 years) and KS4 (14-16 years) students, these seismology and Earth structure themed lessons are built around key concepts covered in maths and science syllabuses. Resources were designed working with high school teachers, students, outreach experts and scientific researchers to bring together accurate, relevant scientific concepts in fun and interactive ways. 

With a focus on the board range of material and potential careers available within geosciences, and examples of a diverse set of role models, we hope these resources can dispel some of the myths around geosciences as a subject and encourage a new generation of budding scientists to consider a career as in geosciences. 

To find more information and download the resources click on the link below: