BAAO Junior Astro Challenge 2020

The British Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad (with the British Physics Olympiad) is running an online competition on Astronomy for schools for students from Year 9 -11. A cross between pub quiz and a small amount of knowledge of the night sky, it is intended to get students looking at the sky and to build upon some of the astronomy knowledge they have from earlier years. It is not an exam, but encourages students to think and to discuss ideas once it is over. The online platform is open for three weeks, and  was successful last year when run for the first time. Results are not displayed to students and they can have a go at a national competition without feeling that they are going to be exposed.

Entry is £20 per school for up to 500 participants. It is two 25 minute quizzes of 30 multiple choice questions. Marking is online. 

Details are at
Online platform itself is at
Entry is via the BPhO website, leading to the Oxford University online shop. 
Further questions email

Entry deadline: 4th Nov 2020
Length: Consists of two, 25 mins online tests
Sat: Within your school between Fri 6 Nov - Wed 25 Nov 2020