About the Database of Obituaries

This database lists obituaries of Fellows, Associates and Honorary Members of the RAS from the 1820s onwards. The obituaries were published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS), Memoirs of the RAS, Quarterly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society (QJRAS) and Astronomy and Geophysics (A&G). Links to obituaries published elsewhere are also provided where possible (for an explanatory list of abbreviated journal titles, see here). This listing of the historical membership of the Royal Astronomical Society was originally compiled by Anthony J. Kinder, and digitised in 2008 by Ian Ridpath.

This resource has made use of the Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Name Born Died Elected Membership status
John Franklin-Adams Fellow
William Sadler Franks Fellow
Julius Heinrich G. Franz Associate
Joseph von Fraunhofer Associate
Rev. Alexander Freeman Fellow
Joseph H. Freeman Fellow
William Frend Fellow
Walter Ernst Fricke Associate
Gen. Edward Charles Frome Fellow
Edwin Brant Frost Associate
George Frost Fellow
William Frost Fellow
Henry Reginald Fry Fellow
John Fuller Fellow
Thomas Frederick Furber Fellow
Herbert Henry Furner Fellow
Caroline Ellen Furness Fellow
Maj. Gerald Edward Galbraith Fellow
William Galbraith Fellow
Walter Frederick Gale Fellow
Johann Gottfried Galle Associate
Thomas Galloway Fellow
Jean Felix Adolphe Gambart Associate
Maj. Arthur ffolliott Garrett Fellow
Thomas Gaskin Fellow
Annibale de Gasparis Associate
Charles Henry Gatty Fellow
Carl Frederick Gauss Associate
Jean Alfred Gautier Associate
Edward Gay Fellow
Sidney Bertram Gaythorpe Fellow
John Edward Geake Fellow
Murray Geddes Fellow
William Edgar Geil Fellow
Hubert Gent Fellow
Henry Tresawna Gerrans Fellow
George James Gibbs Fellow
William Bolger Gibbs Fellow
Algernon Charles Gifford Fellow
James William Gifford Fellow
Davies Gilbert Fellow
Rev. William Robinson Gilby Fellow
William Giles Fellow
Sir David Gill Fellow
James Gill Fellow
Guro Else Gjellestad Fellow
Murray Gladstone Fellow
James Glaisher Fellow
James Whitbread Lee Glaisher Fellow
John Glaisher Fellow
Joseph Gledhill Fellow
Brig. Edward Aubrey Glennie Fellow
Dr Benjamin Godfrey Fellow
Rev. Nathaniel Stedman Godfrey Fellow
Raymond Hill Godfrey Fellow
John George Cockburn Curtis Godsman Fellow
William Godward Fellow
Rev. Edmund Goetz Fellow
Bt Park Goff Fellow
George Ridsdale Goldsbrough Fellow
Carl Wolfgang Benjamin Goldschmidt Associate
Hermann Goldschmidt Associate
Benjamin Gompertz Fellow
Walter Goodacre Fellow
John James Lewis Goodridge Fellow
Henry Bedingfield Goodwin Fellow
Duke Alexander Gordon Fellow
Thomas Gordon Fellow
John Ellard Gore Fellow
Sandford Gorton Fellow
Eugen von Gothard Fellow
Benjamin Apthorp Gould Associate
Samuel Forster Grace Fellow
Bt Cyril C. Graham Fellow
Robert Graham Fellow
Robert Arthur Graham Fellow
Richard Francis Turney Granger Fellow
Robert Grant Fellow
William Gravatt Fellow
Capt. Thomas Graves Fellow
Peter Gray Fellow
M-Gen. William du Gard Gray Fellow
William Michael Herbert Greaves Fellow
Henry Ernest Green Fellow
Nathaniel Everett Green Fellow
Samuel Morris Green Fellow
J Mayo Greenberg Fellow
Lieut. Augustus Percival Greene Fellow
John Anderton Greenwood Fellow
Abbé Henri Grégoire Associate
Benjamin Gregory Fellow
Christopher Clive Langton Gregory Fellow
Olinthus Gilbert Gregory Fellow
Sir Richard Arman Gregory Fellow
Adm. Alexis Samuilovich Greig Fellow
Cmdr. Edward John Griffin Fellow
Idwal Owain Griffith Fellow
John Edwards Griffith Fellow
John Griffiths Fellow
John Grigg Fellow