About the Database of Obituaries

This database lists obituaries of Fellows, Associates and Honorary Members of the RAS from the 1820s onwards. The obituaries were published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS), Memoirs of the RAS, Quarterly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society (QJRAS) and Astronomy and Geophysics (A&G). Links to obituaries published elsewhere are also provided where possible (for an explanatory list of abbreviated journal titles, see here). This listing of the historical membership of the Royal Astronomical Society was originally compiled by Anthony J. Kinder, and digitised in 2008 by Ian Ridpath.

This resource has made use of the Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

NameBornDiedElectedMembership status
Sir James SouthFellow
Francis BailyFellow
Gen Sir Robert Lawrence DundasFellow
Sir Edward RyanFellow
Bt John Frederick William HerschelFellow
Edward TroughtonFellow
M-Gen. Thomas Frederick ColbyFellow
Henry Thomas ColebrookeFellow
Joshua KingFellow
Sir (Frederick) William HerschelFellow
Thomas JonesFellow
Daniel MooreFellow
Thomas LeybournFellow
George DollondFellow
John PondFellow
Rev. William PearsonFellow
Arthur BailyFellow
Rev. George Burgess WildigFellow
Stephen GroombridgeFellow
Charles BabbageFellow
Davies GilbertFellow
Capt. James HorsburghFellow
Rev. Michael WardFellow
Baron John WrottesleyFellow
Rev. Fearon FallowsFellow
Sir Thomas Makdougall BrisbaneFellow
Benjamin GompertzFellow
William WallaceFellow
Rev. George PeacockFellow
William CaryFellow
Robert StevensonFellow
Duke Alexander GordonFellow
Olinthus Gilbert GregoryFellow
Thomas Flower EllisFellow
Thomas TelfordFellow
Bryan DonkinFellow
Rev. Henry Parr HamiltonFellow
Rev. James Collett EbdenFellow
William AllenFellow
R-A. Sir Francis BeaufortFellow
Rev. Thomas CattonFellow
Capt. Basil HallFellow
Dr John BostockFellow
Bishop John BrinkleyFellow
Rev. Miles BlandFellow
Rev. John William WhittakerFellow
Jean-Baptiste BiotAssociate
Heinrich Wilhelm Mathias OlbersAssociate
John Webb WoollgarFellow
Carl Frederick GaussAssociate
Karl Ludwig HardingAssociate
Rev. William WhewellFellow
William Chadwell MylneFellow
R-A Sir John RossFellow
Heinrich Christian SchumacherAssociate
Johann Elert BodeAssociate
Guiseppe PiazziAssociate
Gerard MollAssociate
Louis Hayes PetitFellow
Count Barnaba OrianiAssociate
Earl George Parker MacclesfieldFellow
Earl George Parker (Macclesfield)Fellow
Adm. William Henry SmythFellow
Rev. William FarishFellow
Richard BestFellow
Rev. John Phillips HigmanFellow
Johann Joseph von LittrowAssociate
Thomas Ignatius Maria ForsterFellow
Baron Franz Xaver von ZachAssociate
John FullerFellow
Friedrich Wilhelm BesselAssociate
Marq. Pierre Simon de LaplaceAssociate
Adm. Alexis Samuilovich GreigFellow
V-Adm. William Fitzwilliam OwenFellow
Jean François AragoAssociate
John Frederic(k) TrechselAssociate
Jean Alfred GautierAssociate
R Adm. William Henry ShirreffFellow
Rev. Lewis EvansFellow
Dr James Adey OgleFellow
Edward RiddleFellow
Carlo BrioschiAssociate
Charles HuttonFellow
Sir Rowland HillFellow
Rev. Henry CoddingtonFellow
William Henry Fox TalbotFellow
Col William LambtonFellow
Capt. Sir John FranklinFellow
Richard TaylorFellow
Col. Sir George EverestFellow
Friedrich Georg Wilhelm StruveAssociate
Thomas DonkinFellow
Johann Franz EnckeAssociate
John LeeFellow
Thomas NorrisFellow
Baron Giovanni Antonio Amedeo PlanaAssociate
Sir William CubittFellow
Jean Louis PonsAssociate
R-Adm. Frederick William BeecheyFellow
Earl William Parsons (Rosse)Fellow