About the Database of Obituaries

This database lists obituaries of Fellows, Associates and Honorary Members of the RAS from the 1820s onwards. The obituaries were published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS), Memoirs of the RAS, Quarterly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society (QJRAS) and Astronomy and Geophysics (A&G). Links to obituaries published elsewhere are also provided where possible (for an explanatory list of abbreviated journal titles, see here). This listing of the historical membership of the Royal Astronomical Society was originally compiled by Anthony J. Kinder, and digitised in 2008 by Ian Ridpath.

This resource has made use of the Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Name Born Died Elected Membership status
Francis James Wardale Fellow
M-Gen. Henry Herbert Lee Fellow
Edward Weldon Fellow
Capt. George Tyrrell McCaw Fellow
Sir William Cubitt Fellow
James Pettit Fellow
Alexander Davidson Fleming Fellow
Henry Tresawna Gerrans Fellow
Emanuel Joseph Ristori Fellow
Thomas Gordon Fellow
Wladimír Wáclav Heinrich Fellow
Rev. Frederick Silver Fellow
Rev. James William St. Clare Hill Fellow
Rev. William Morgan Tate-Stoate Fellow
Daniel Alberto Valencio Associate
William Wilson Fellow
John Robinson McClean Fellow
Humphrey Barker Chamberlin Fellow
R-Adm. Henry Charles Otter Fellow
George Pearson Fellow
Reginald James Harman Junior Member
Harold Seward Fellow
Charles Edward Barns Fellow
Abraham Barsley Taylor Fellow
Cmdr Thomas Boteler Fellow
Samuel Veevers Fellow
Lady Mary Thomazine Lockyer Fellow
Sidney Wilcox McCuskey Fellow
Henry Mann Fellow
Solomon Moses Drach Fellow
Capt. John Francis Egerton Fellow
Spencer Lavington Fletcher Fellow
Rev. William Robinson Gilby Fellow
Edward Roberts Fellow
Bt Cyril C. Graham Fellow
Rev. John Spence Fellow
Joseph Hough Fellow
Archibald William Tindall-Lucas Fellow
Henry Bourget Fellow
James McDowell Fellow
Lieut. Hastings Fitz-Edward Murphy Fellow
Capt. Ernest William Owens Fellow
Alexander Foote Fellow
Henry Reginald Fry Fellow
Col. Charles Ratcliff Fellow
Richard Frind Roberts Fellow
Charles Hope Harris Fellow
William Bradshaw Housman Fellow
George Innes Fellow
Richard Kerr Fellow
Julien Vertu Fellow
Rev. Thomas Laing Fellow
Isaac Brown Fellow
Frederick William Longbottom Fellow
Cyril Young Fellow
Col Ernest Elliott Markwick Fellow
Jesse Scoffin Nimkey Fellow
Julius Page Fellow
Walter A. Post Fellow
Frank Robertson Fellow
Capt. Thomas Graves Fellow
Alexander Hamilton Howe Fellow
Stanley Philip Benge Fellow
Col William Lambton Fellow
William Garrow Lettsom Fellow
Violet Florence White Fellow
William Grant MacGregor Fellow
Arthur James Melhuish Fellow
James Nangle Fellow
Charles Robert d’Esterre Fellow
Herbert Lovis Noel Noel-Cox Fellow
Richard Abbatt Fellow
Arthur Ernest Hodgson Fellow
Thomas Bauchope Fellow
James Robert Jones Fellow
William, Jr Tomlinson Fellow
William Bowyer Fellow
John Browning Fellow
Theodore Mackenzie Fellow
Frederick William Nash Fellow
Samuel Fellows Fellow
Rev. Jacobus Cornelius Reyneke Fellow
Rev. Nathaniel Stedman Godfrey Fellow
John Hartnup Fellow
Arthur Baily Fellow
Capt. John Steele Fellow
Bernhard Richard Baumgardt Fellow
Rev. Thomas Robert Terry Fellow
John May Walden Fellow
Rev. Robert Comyn Lumsden Fellow
Edward Tremlett Carter Fellow
Willie Venner Merrifield Fellow
Frederick Richard Cripps Fellow
Anil Kumar Das Fellow
Dr Hugh Neill Fellow
Rev. Thomas Perkins Fellow
John McDougal Field Fellow
William Godward Fellow
Herbert Sadler Fellow
James Lidderdale Scott Fellow