How to be a rocket scientist

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A public lecture by Professor Martin Barstow


Have you ever wanted to send a probe to a distant planet or look deep into the most remote regions of the Universe? Forget being a big city stock market trader or financial wizard. You could be a real rocket scientist!


Find out how, by following the story of British researchers as they prepare a new telescope for a demonstration flight into space, answering the questions of: why is it necessary to go into space in the first place? How do we do it and make everything work reliably?  Share the frustrations and excitement of the team through video footage of the preparations and launch of the mission. Relax (?!!!) with the in-flight movie, recorded by on-board camera, which shows what it is like to take a ride on a gigantic firework, before wheeling through space to lock onto the chosen target, a dying white dwarf star. Experience the thrill of success, seeing a small corner of the Universe in a way no one has before.


Martin Barstow is Professor in Astrophysics & Space Science at the University of Leicester, Pro-Vice Chancellor and founding Head of the College of Science and Engineering.