The geophysical response of the Earth to fluid migration: oil and m agma.

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An RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting organised by Kathy Cashman (Bristol), Quentin Fisher (Leeds), Michael Kendall (Bristol)Contact: gljmk AT The movement of fluids in the crust is a pervasive geophysical observable in the
dynamics of the Earth. Issues such as porosity, permeability, reactive
transport, and hydraulic fracture stimulation are common to many systems,
including those associated with petroleum, volcanology, glaciology, and
hydrology. With petroleum systems there is considerable knowledge about
geophysical measurements, geologic structures, and anthropogenic influences.
Volcanic systems are much larger and longer in the time scale of observables in
the geologic record. As there are numerous similarities in the underlying
physics of these systems, there is a timely opportunity to bring together two
very disparate communities with a common theme. This workshop will explore
synergies in understanding the geomechanical and geophysical behaviour of
petroleum and magmatic systems. Program tba