Bounce back foundation: beyond prison walls


Working with prisoners, inmates and families to promote astronomy, geophysics and STEM subjects.


Our project will bring alive the story of the universe to prisoners, ex-offenders and their families all of whom usually experience severe disadvantage and are often socially excluded.

The project aims are:-

  • To enable the RAS to interact with disadvantaged, marginalised groups with whom they have not traditionally engaged.
  • To increase interest & participation in astronomy, planetary & space science, geophysics & other STEM subjects amongst groups who are usually effectively excluded from this type of education & interests.
  • To empower members of disadvantaged groups to enter higher level employment within the construction industry where knowledge of geophysics, for example, is a requirement.
  • To improve the physical prison environment thereby making it more conducive to effective learning and leading to reduced prison violence, stress etc.
  • To strengthen family bonds between prisoners and their families.
  • To improve the employability levels of disadvantaged groups and support people into employment.
  • To increase participants’ sense of awareness, social responsibility and encourage them to think about their place in the universe and sustainability.
  • To reduce re-offending rates.
  • To challenge the usual prison narratives and perceptions of ex-offender capabilities.
  • To leave a physical legacy to celebrate RAS200 within at least one London prison.