About RAS Public Policy

The RAS engages with government, funding agencies, international organisations and other policy makers through its policy activities. It works to advance the sciences of astronomy and geophysics, through the formulation of coherent and progressive science policy and governance.

We are interested in the views of all our Fellows on these topics, and periodically contact our members to solicit their input on policy issues. If you wish to contribute to this effort, please contact the Deputy Executive Director.

Science Policy

The RAS promotes astronomy and geophysics by responding to government and other consultations, by producing policy papers and by networking with other organizations sharing similar aims.


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Impact & Industry

The RAS regularly attends conferences and produces publications to make the case for how UK research benefits industry, education and science.


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Community & Demographics

This section details the work of the RAS in topics related to diversity and community issues. It includes details of the most recent demographic survey of the UK astronomy and geophysics research communities.


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Consultative Forums

The RAS hosts and facilitates regular meetings of independent groups, drawn from the professional UK astronomy and geophysics communities, which discuss and represent the views of the communities to government and funding agencies. 


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