Astronomy Means Business: How UK research benefits industry, education and science

This 20-page booklet gives an overview of developments in business, industry and society that have arisen from research in astronomy and astrophysics.

Astronomers study the distant universe using the light that stars and galaxies emit; that light might be ultraviolet or infrared radiation, or it might be radio waves, but astronomers squeeze every last bit of information from it. That expertise in making the most of information translates to down-to-Earth applications where getting the biggest bang for the buck helps industry keep costs down and effectiveness up, driving economic growth for the UK.

'Astronomy Means Business' is based on returns to the 2014 Research Excellence Framework. It represents a snapshot of research activity in universities with a wider impact. This is not the only significant work undertaken by the UK astronomy community, and these fields will have already developed by the time you read this. But the summary it provides paints a picture of a healthy research culture with a keen eye for how to put ideas to work.

Published in March 2016, several thousand printed copies are being distributed to MPs, policy makers and others. It is also available as a PDF below.