Dr Helen Jane Fraser

SUPA, Department of Physics, University of Strathclyde,John Anderson Building, 107, Rottenrow, Glasgow G4 0NG

Tel:0141-548-3420  Fax:0141-552-2891  Email: h.fraser@phys.strath.ac.uk

Glasgow (day trips), Across Scotland and UK occasionally

Will speak on:-

What's in the Universe's freezers? - any age

The cosmic chemical cauldron - any age

Why the "meaning of life" might not be 42 - bring towels... - any age

Crash diets - or how sharks, weightlessness and stars are tickets to travel the world! - any age

Why study Physics/Astronomy? - any age

Target audience - schools and public audiences. All talks can be tempered to ages 7+ and speaker is experienced in speaking with particularly 13-18 age group and public gatherings.


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