RAS thanks GJI Outstanding Reviewers 2020

The RAS expresses its thanks to reviewers recognised by the editorial board of Geophysical Journal International, its leading academic journal in the field of geophysics.


The editorial board wishes to acknowledge the outstanding work performed by the following reviewers, each providing a large number of considerate and in depth reviews throughout 2020:

Sylvain Barbot
Andrea Biedermann
Cathy Constable
Phil Cummins
Andrew Curtis
Michael Dunham
Andreas Fichtner
Marcus Herrmann
Hiroshi Kawase
Kristina Keating
France Lagroix
Shaoyang Li
Fatima Martin-Hernandez
Jess McBeck
Irene Molinari
Robert Nowack
Karin Sigloch
Pedro Silva
Simo Spassov
Courtney Sprain
Matteo Taroni
Caroline Tweedle
Vaclav Vavrycuk
Jiri Zahradnik


The editorial board would also like to include in their wholehearted thanks the many more who also put a lot of work into the peer-review system, on which the quality and reputation of the RAS journals heavily depend. 


Submitted by Pam Rowden on Tue, 26/01/2021 - 10:02