RAS Supermassive Podcast: Humans in Space!

This month the RAS Supermassive podcast looks at humans in space. Our presenters Becky Smethurst and Izzie Clarke are (very) excited to talk to superstar astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti about her work as an astronaut - and where we're hoping to send astronauts in the future.

Richard Hollingham recalls the history of the International Space Station, continuously occupied for 20 years this month, the team take questions from listeners, and Robert Massey previews National Astronomy Week, a chance to find out more about Mars, and describes what else can be seen in the sky this month.

A preview of this month's podcast. Hear the whole thing at podfollow.com/supermassive

Last month Becky made a promise that she would dress up as an astronaut if we got one on the show. That didn't happen as the costume is conveniently at her parents' house, BUT she's said we can share a childhood photo of her dressed up as Einstein instead, so here it is!

Becky Smethurst as Einstein
Dr Becky Smethurst shows her early love of physics by dressing up as Einstein
Becky Smethurst











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Submitted by Robert Massey on Fri, 23/10/2020 - 15:52