RAS Quilt Project - an update

Patchwork squares with astronomical and geophysical themes.
A selection of some of the squares received for the RAS Quilt Project.
Royal Astronomical Society

It's almost one year since the launch of the bicentennial quilt project. A lot has happened in that time and we've suffered a few setbacks along the way but through it all we have consistently been amazed by people's support, enthusiasm and creative skills. 

We've received 28 squares so far, many of which you can see in the picture above. This picture was taken a few weeks ago in the council room at Burlington House and was the first time all the squares were collected together; as I'm sure you can imagine, we're really pleased with how it's coming together.

The deadline to submit your square is 1 December so there's still plenty of time to get involved and contribute to a piece of history. If you have completed your square and would like to send it to us, please contact events@ras.ac.uk and you will be given an address to post it to.

Since April we've hosted 10 online stitching sessions via Zoom; our 11th session will be held on Wed 28 Oct at 2pm. The sessions are informal, typically last one hour and have proven to be a great way to connect with fellow stitchers/makers as well as inspire newcomers to get involved. 

Thank you to everyone who has made a square and/or attended a stitching session, this project wouldn't have survived the pandemic without you.


For more information about the Bicentennial Quilt Project please see this article: https://ras.ac.uk/news-and-press/news/ras-bicentennial-quilt


Submitted by Annie Hogan on Mon, 28/09/2020 - 17:49