RAS Quilt Project - an update

RAS quilt sqaures
Four completed quilt squares. Clockwise from top left: The aurora by Karen Burage (patchwork); Blackhole at the centre of a galaxy by Carol Hogan (fabric pens); Helix nebula by Nush Cole (beading); John Russell's 1790s drawing of the moon by Cathy Corbishley Michel (cyanotype).
Royal Astronomical Society

The RAS bicentennial quilt project officially launched at the beginning of October 2019. Since then the society has:

  • Hosted three stitching sessions at the offices in Burlington House where participants have worked on the solar system side of the quilt:

      - The orbital paths of Neptune, Uranus, Earth and Mercury have been completed. 

      - Work has begun on Saturn and the Kuiper belt.

  • Taken part in national museums day at the National Space Centre in Leicester.
  • Received six squares for the patchwork side of the quilt:

       - The squares depict a variety of astronomical and geophysical images (see picture above). 

       - The squares have been made using a variety of methods including: patchwork, beading, embroidery, fabric printing and cyanotype.

  • Been featured in two print publications: Astronomy & Geophysics and British Patchwork & Quilting. 

There's still time to get involved in the project, click here for more information. 


Submitted by Annie Hogan on Mon, 24/02/2020 - 15:24