RAS Council Election Results 2023

An image of a black ballot against a red background.
Dr Sian Prosser/Royal Astronomical Society

The results of the 2023 council elections were announced at the 203rd AGM of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Professor Mike Lockwood FRS is our new President-elect, and will begin his two year term as President in May 2024. He holds a chair in space environment physics at the University of Reading.

The other council results are as follows, where "A" covers all areas of astronomy and astrophysics, including exoplanets, and "G" covers geophysics, solar, solar-terrestrial and planetary physics.

The new Vice President (A) is Dr Matt Middleton from the University of Southampton

The new Vice President (G) is Professor Andrew Curtis from the University of Edinburgh.

The vice-presidents will serve a term of two years.

The new Secretary (G) is Professor James Hammond, who will serve for a term of five years.

The four newly elected councillors, all serving for a term of three years, are:

Dr Imogen Gingell (G), Prof. Derek Ward-Thompson (A), Dr Ashley Spindler (A), and Dr Alan Cayless (A).

Submitted by Gurjeet Kahlon on Fri, 12/05/2023 - 10:56