Election results 2021: new RAS Council

The results of the 2021 RAS elections were announced at the Annual General Meeting of the Society on Friday 14 May.

The following Fellows were elected to serve on Council, the governing body of the Society. Where indicated ‘A’ designates astronomy and ‘G’ geophysics, and terms of office begin immediately.

President-elect (to take office as President from May 2022, serving on Council immediately): Prof. Mike Edmunds

Vice-President (A): Prof. Ian Robson
Vice-President (G): Prof. Nicholas Rawlinson

The Vice-Presidents will serve terms of two years each.

Treasurer: Dr Nigel Berman
Secretary (A): Dr Sheona Urquhart

The Treasurer and Secretary (A) will both serve terms of five years.

Four councillors are elected for a three year term:

Dr Joanna Barstow (A)
Prof. Belinda Wilkes (A)
Dr Jasmine Kaur Sandhu (G)
Prof. Caroline Smith (G)

Submitted by Robert Massey on Wed, 12/05/2021 - 10:54