Stephen Groombridge & The Transit Circle

Colourful portraits of Stephen Groombridge and images of his transit cirle
Royal Astronomical Society

Title: Stephen Groombridge & The Transit Circle

Description: Groombridge & the Transit Circle he had built to observe the Stars

Maker: Amanda & Annabelle Groombridge

Techniques used: "Annabelle designed & printed the fabric using digital media, we then used basic quilting with invisible thread to apply the fabric to the backing with wadding on the reverse side."


"Our Daughter Annabelle remarked our family name was on a Star map she was using for her research, looking more closely we discovered there were indeed Stars with the name Groombridge next to them. This has started a curious chain of events to trace if he was a member of our family and to discover more about him. This in turn lead us to RAS, as he was one of the founders and that's where we found out about the quilt project. We thought it would be fitting to bring him 'home' to RAS and to remind people who he was and what his ground braking achievements were at the time. It has started us off on a fascinating journey of discovery & learning, all because of a Star.

We are so proud to have been accepted to take part and to see our work with so many other beautiful works of art in the quilt offered from all different corners of the planet and society, it truly embodies the spirit of observation and discovery that is RAS. That's the reason for the blank surround on our square... to leave room for the future discoveries to be added, to show the unwritten pages of the future history books."

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