Artist's impression of a galaxy using colourful stitches and felting.
Royal Astronomical Society

Title: Starburst

Description: "My quilt square highlights the random nature of the colors and shapes in the galaxies."

Maker: Michele Lasker, Artist

Techniques used: Hand embroidery and machine felting


I work in the abstract and I created a freeform design as my interpretation of the galaxies.


I have a great deal of affection for London - it is the first city I ever visited when I began to travel internationally at the age of 23. I have walked by the offices of the RAS each time I have been to the Royal Academy and this really was special for me to participate. I had seen a picture of the American solar system quilt quite awhile ago and merging that quilt tradition from the Smithsonian with the British quilt traditions through the RAS is a true artistic partnership. I so enjoyed all of the online sessions. I loved the project!

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