Solar Panel

The Sun embroidered, featuring sun spots and solar flares
Royal Astronomical Society

Title: Solar Panel

Description: Sun spots and solar flares

Maker: Nicky Robertson

Techniques used: Machine embroidery on tray dyed cotton


"Images from ESA, NASA, sunspots and solar flares. The fabric was tray dyed with Procyon dyes and then ‘drawn’ into with free machine embroidery. We don't see a lot of sun here in Lancashire (or sun spots) so this is me sun worshipping.

I am an amateur star gazer and member of Preston and District Astronomy Society and Heather, a fellow member , told me about the project. I'm so glad she did as I have thoroughly enjoyed doing the work and , more importantly, meeting so many clever people from around the planet via the online sessions. we have swapped ideas and been wowed by the work we have seen."