Radio Galaxy

Two galaxies (represented with white stitching) are interacting. This causes black hole activity. Particles are dragged from close to the blackhole along magnetic field lines emitting energy at radio wavelengths (represented with red stitching).
Royal Astronomical Society

Title: Radio Galaxy


"A radio-loud active galactic nuclei (AGN) hosted by an elliptical galaxy in a small galaxy group. White is visible light, red is radio wavelengths. The central galaxy is interacting with a nearby elliptical galaxy, and this is providing material to trigger black hole activity. Particles are being dragged out from close to the black hole along the magnetic field lines at close to the speed of light, and emit energy at radio wavelengths - hence the name "radio galaxy". Some radio galaxies millions of light-years long. At the other end of the scale, people are now finding baby radio galaxies that are smaller than their host galaxy."

Maker: Judith Ineson, Astrophysics researcher

Techniques used: Embroidery

Inspiration: "I work with radio galaxies and they are beautiful, so obvious choice! I've not done any embroidery for decades, and thoroughly enjoyed getting back to it."