James Webb Space Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope made with appliqued fabric and embroidery.
Royal Astronomical Society

Title: James Webb Space Telescope

Maker: Annie Hogan, RAS Membership Officer

Techniques used: English paper piecing, applique and embroidery.


"The design of the JWST is beautiful and very recognisable (at least amongst the astro/geo community). The hexagon mirrors reminded me of English paper-piecing which I really like doing. Hand stitching is so much more sociable/portable than machine sewing so I thought I've have a go.

I've really enjoyed organising/hosting the stitching sessions (both in real life and online). When we launched it in October 2019 I didn't know what to expect. I'm so pleased that people have engaged with the project."

Website/social media handle: @anniehmakes