The Pleiades Star Cluster

Stars of the Pleiades constellation embroidered in silver thread on a blue background.
Royal Astronomical Society


Title: The Pleiades Star Cluster

Maker: Nancy Gorman, Musician / Jeweller / Administrator

Techniques used: "Super simple straight and running stitching! I’m not particularly well versed in sewing, so I kept things simple, using only two materials- a square of midnight blue satin and silver nylon thread. I’d love to experiment again with another Pleiades interpretation using velvet and Swarovski."

Inspiration: "I chose this design mostly as I find the Pleiades so aesthetically pleasing and never tire looking at it. I love their old and new lore from all over the world, and the images by the Digitised Sky Survey, Jason Ware, Jeff Johnson and many other peoples’ captures of this star cluster. It looks tranquil and empyrean, I feel awestruck and transported looking at it. The blue colour typical of the twinkling reflection nebulae is due to blue wavelengths being most efficiently scattered by the dust of the clouds. The Pleiades features class b spectral stars, extremely luminous and white-blue, and the second hottest class of stars."

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