Artist’s view of a sunset over KELT-9b

Artist's impression of a sunset from exoplanet KELT-9b.
Royal Astronomical Society

Title: Artist’s view of a sunset over KELT-9b

Description: "This is an artist's take on how a sunset would look from the exoplanet KELT-9b, orbiting the blue star KELT-9. KELT-9 is about 650 light years away from Earth. The star is part of the constellation of Cygnus. The publication relating to this exoplanet and star can be found here DOI: 10.1038/s41586-018-0401-y and the link to the website with the image some information relating to the publication can be found here ."

Maker: Eleni Tsiakaliari, part-time astronomy student / part-time physics teacher

Techniques used: "I used stem stitch (embroidery technique) and then used some cotton to create the inner part of the star, which i stuck onto the fabric with some glue."

Inspiration: "I love the colours of the image but most importantly, I wanted to explore the idea of star-rises and star-sets in systems other than our own system. It's a very interesting topic, especially when one realises how vastly different a star-set would look from a planet, depending on how far or close they are to their host star, how big the star is or what colour the star is. In this case, the imagined star-set is that of a blue star and the star actually covers about 35 degrees in the planet's sky. The planet is also very close to its star which means its surface is really hot, very unlike the conditions we are familiar with. This star-set is definitely not of the romantic variety (based on our standards) but it would definitely be impressive to witness."

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