About the Database of Obituaries

This database lists obituaries of Fellows, Associates and Honorary Members of the RAS from the 1820s onwards. The obituaries were published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS), Memoirs of the RAS, Quarterly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society (QJRAS) and Astronomy and Geophysics (A&G). Links to obituaries published elsewhere are also provided where possible (for an explanatory list of abbreviated journal titles, see here). This listing of the historical membership of the Royal Astronomical Society was originally compiled by Anthony J. Kinder, and digitised in 2008 by Ian Ridpath.

This resource has made use of the Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Name Born Died Elected Membership status
John Marsh Wilcox Fellow
Charles Heard Wild Fellow
Rev. George Burgess Wildig Fellow
Rupert Wildt Fellow
Rev. Henry John Wilkins Fellow
William Willett Fellow
Arthur Stanley Williams Fellow
Evan Gwyn Williams Fellow
George Williams Fellow
Harry Samuel Williams Fellow
Lieut. Hugh Williams Fellow
John Williams Fellow
William Mattieu Williams Fellow
Phil J S Williams Fellow
William Wilson Fellow
William Wilson Fellow
William Edward Wilson Fellow
Fiammetta Wilson [née Worthington] Fellow
Rev. Thomas Wiltshire Fellow
Friedrich August Theodor Winnecke Associate
Wieslaw Zygmunt Wisniewski Fellow
William Moody Witchell Fellow
Józef Witkowski Fellow
Charles Joseph C1728‰tienne Wolf Associate
Maximilian (‘Max’) Franz Joseph Cornelius Wolf Fellow, later Associate
(Johann) Rudolf Wolf Associate
Cmdr. James Wolfe Fellow
Alfred Wolfer Associate
William Hyde Wollaston Fellow
Jan, Jr Woltjer Fellow
Frank Bradshaw Wood Fellow
Harley Weston Wood Fellow
Harry Edwin Wood Fellow
Capt. Hugh Montague Wood Fellow
John Woodrow Fellow
Sir Richard van der Riet Woolley Fellow
John Webb Woollgar Fellow
Leslie Woolven Fellow
Thomas Wilson Wormell Fellow
Baron Henry de Worms (Pirbright) Fellow
Hale Wortham Fellow
Arthur Mason Worthington Fellow
Baron Fabian Jacob Wrede Associate
Arthur Williams Wright Fellow
Rev. Alfred Wrigley Fellow
Baron John Wrottesley Fellow
Ernest Henry Charles Wunderlich Fellow
Earl Edwin Richard Windham Wyndham-Quin(Dunraven) Fellow
Charles Gorrie Wynne Fellow
James Ernest Grant Yalden Fellow
Andrew Yeates Fellow
Col. William Yolland Fellow
Alfred Ernest Young Fellow
Andrew Young Fellow
Anne Sewell Young Fellow
Charles Augustus Young Associate
Cyril Young Fellow
James Henry Young Fellow
Jesse Young Fellow
Baron Franz Xaver von Zach Associate
Herman Zanstra Fellow, later Associate
Carl Venceslas Zenger Fellow
Meade Lafayette Zimmer Fellow
Johann Karl Friedrich Zöllner Associate
Fritz Zwicky Fellow