RAS Images overview


RAS Images overview

Many of the photographs in the Society's archives fall into the portraits and telescopes categories but there are many of events such as eclipse expeditions, plus many miscellaneous items of related interest and 'photographica' from the development of the photographic process. A large and as yet little-explored resource is the collection of celestial photographs, some dating back as far as the 1860s; work is in hand to make these more easily available without danger of damage to the material.


Solar Eclipse Expedition
to Rivabellosa, Spain
1860 July 18.

W.H.Steavenson at
Radcliffe Astronomical Station,

Halley's Comet
and Venus, 1910

Orion Nebula, 1883

M31, 1888

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More information
  • The Library holds many portraits of past astronomers, geophysicists and others.
  • There is a strong collection of pictures of telescopes from Galileo to the present.
  • Sources of astronomical and geophysical slides, photographs, memorabilia, videos etc.
  • Some images are available online.