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University Of Glasgow (Mathematics)
Dept: Mathematics
Head of Department: Professor P.H. Kropholler
Courses offered: PhD (3 yr)
Studentships available: EPSRC and University funded studentships
Average intake: 3-4 PhD students (Applied Mathematics)
Entry requirements:

General Information
The growing Applied Mathematics group within the Department of Mathematics presently has 12 permanent members of staff. Research interests cover many areas, including several with applications to geophysical and astrophysical problems, in particular the origin and evolution of the magnetic fields of planets and stars. Specific topics include:
  • The generation of the Earth's magnetic field by convection in its rapidly rotating molten iron core.
  • The subsequent evolution and equilibration of that field by mechanisms such as magnetic instabilities.
  • The evolution of neutron stars' magnetic fields via the familiar Hall effect, in which the electric currents that sustain the field are deflected by that very field.
  • Numerical modelling of various hydrodynamic and magnetohydrodynamic lab experiments motivated by some of these issues.
Local computing facilities are excellent, including many powerful UNIX workstations in the Department, as well as access to national computing facilities.

Close contacts are maintained with other groups working in these areas both within the UK as well as in Europe and America.


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Professor P.H. KrophollerDepartment of Mathematics,
University of Glasgow,
University Gardens,
Glasgow G12 8QW,
Tel:0141 330 5176Fax:0141 330
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