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University Of Birmingham (Earth Sciences)
Dept: Earth Sciences
Head of Department:
Courses offered: Ph.D (3 years), MPhil (2 years), MSc course (1 year) in Hydrogeology
Studentships available: NERC (PhD and MSc), EPSRC (PhD), Industry and School (PhD)
Average intake: PhD - 8, Hydrogeology MSc - 20
Entry requirements:

General Information
Recent Research in Geophysics is concerned with the development and application of techniques of geophysical investigation applied to major research problems in Earth Sciences. Particular progress has been achieved in identifying the structure and physical processes (especially fluid flow) associated with submarine accretionary prisms. Also, strong theoretical and practical capabilities have been developed in palaeomagnetism and magnetic fabrics (of sedimentary and igneous rocks). In the area of Environmental Geophysics we are developing and exploiting our strengths in electrical imaging technology, with much effort being devoted to time lapse imaging. For example, a grid of 256 electrodes has been installed at a local test site to monitor fluid movements through the unsaturated zone of the Triassic Sandstone. The technique is also being extended into the field of spectral induced polarisation for the investigation of urban contaminated sites.

Hydrogeology MSc. This one year course frequently attracts Geophysics students wanting to enter the water industry or to carry out groundwater research.

Industry Links. The School has strong links with industry through the MSc course and industry sponsored research. Links also exist with the geophysical instrument development and consulting companies on the University Research Park.

Computing. The School maintains a PC network and PC and Unix workstation clusters running industry standard seismic processing and interpretation packages as well as gravity, magnetic, resistivity and fluid flow interpretation software.


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