Books & journals

Books & journals

Books & Journals

The Library has some 3,000 titles of current and back runs of journals including most of the serious astronomical journals (and many of the more theoretical geophysical titles) from the first issue. About 380 titles are currently received.

‘Modern’ books are those published in 1851 or later and these books, about 11,000 in number, are mostly available on the open shelves in the Library, with about 15% being kept in the Reserve collection in another building; they will be fetched by the staff as expeditiously as circumstances allow.

The Library attempts to keep a balanced collection of modern works, including some but not all conference proceedings, in Astronomy and the history thereof; only a few carefully selected monographs are bought in Geophysics. The main aid to finding the information required, apart from browsing on the shelves in locations indicated by the classification scheme, is the online Book and Journal catalogue.

Here is a list of journals currently taken.