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41. Treasurers’ account books, W. Pearson and J. Lee, 5 vols, 1820–40.


42. Two books of receipts.


43. A collection of loose treasurers’ papers.


44. Treasurers’ accounts and reports of auditors, 1874–1923.


45. A collection of miscellaneous RAS Papers, mainly found with the General Correspondence (now RAS Letters), 1820–1900. They include Council papers (minutes, proposals, resolutions), papers submitted, reports on papers, reports of committees, applications for the post of Assistant Secretary in 1846 and 1874–75, etc.

Authors of papers and reports, etc., include:

G. B. Airy, F. Baily, G. P. Bond, R. C. Carrington, A. Cayley, W. H. M. Christie, J W. De La Rue, A. De Morgan, R. Hodgson, W. Huggins, M. J. Johnson, E. B. Knobel, J. Lee, J. L. Lindsay (Lord), R. H. Manners, C. Pritchard, R. Sheepshanks, W. Simms, E. J. Stone, A. Strange, W. S. Stratford, O. W. Struve, C. G. Talmage, G. L. Tupman, J. Williams


46. Letters and papers (five folders) relating to the Nautical almanac and proposals for its alteration, 1890–99. Correspondents include:

J. O. Backlund, W. H. M. Christie, A. M. W. Downing, F. W. Dyson, D. Gill, W. Harkness, M. Loewy, H. H. Turner, W. J. Wharton


47. Letters and papers relating to the Jackson-Gwilt Gift and Medal, 1895–97. Correspondents include:

W. H. M. Christie, W. J. Herschel, W. Huggins, E. B. Knobel, E. W. Maunder, H. H. Turner.


48. Letters relating to the awards of the Jackson-Gwilt Gift and Medal to L. Swift, and the Gold Medal to E. E. Barnard, 1897. Includes letters from Barnard, W. Huggins, E. B. Knobel.


49. Letters and papers concerning the proposed establishment of a temporary observatory under W. S. Jacob at Poona, near Bombay, 1859–62. Includes letters from: G. B. Airy (3), R. C. Carrington (1), T. Cooke (1), W. S. Jacob (3), C. P. Smyth (2).


50. Letters and papers (seventeen folders) relating to the livings of Hartwell and Stone, 1837–78: legal documents, applications from candidates and other correspondence, committee minutes, etc.


51. Correspondence concerning the expeditions to observe the total solar eclipse of 22 Dec. 1870. The letters are addressed to either J. N. Lockyer or A. C. Ranyard, secretaries to the organizing committee; they have been arranged alphabetically and bound up in two vols, and include letters from:

R. Abbatt, 5;   R. Abbay, 5;   W. de W. Abney, 1;   W. G. Adams, 1;   G. B. Airy, 6;   J. Brett, 6;   A. Brothers, 31;   J. Browning, 5;   T. W. Burr, 1;   C. E. Burton, 6;   C. Carpmael, 1;   W. K. Clifford, 3;   R. B. Clifton, 1;   W. Crookes, 2;   L. Cumming, 3;   G. H. Darwin, 3;   W. De La Rue, 4;   J. H. Gladstone, 2;   J. E. H. Gordon, 3;   J. R. Hind, 4;   F. Howlett, 6;   W. Huggins, 11;   S. Hunter, 7;   W. Lassell, 5;   W. J Lewis, 6;   J. L. Lindsay (Lord), 2;   E. J. Lowe, 1;   R. Main, 2;   R. J. Mann, 1;   S. Newcomb, 1;   W. Nobel, 2;   E. Ommaney, 10;   R. M. Parsons, 6;   F. C. Penrose, 2;   S. J. Perry, 14;   J. Phillips, 2;   L. B. Phillips, 1;   W. Pole, 1;   C. Pritchard, 4;   H. E. Roscoe, 8;   R. H. Scott, 1;   G. M. Seabroke, 5;   W. W. Smyth, 2;   G. G. Stokes, 1;   G. J. Stoney, 3;   A. Strange, 2;   J. W. Strutt, (Lord Rayleigh), 2;   C. G. Talmage, 3;   T. E. Thorpe, 5;   H. Toynbee, 2;   W. Spottiswood, 1;   J. Tyndall, 3;   C. B. Vignoles, 4;   H. W. Vogel, 2;   J. C. Watson, 1;   J. Williams, 1


52. Bound volume of accounts (financial) of the eclipse expeditions of 1870. A small proportion written by A. C. Raynard, but largely in the hand of a clerk: a detailed record of expenditure, with copies of receipts, letters, etc.


53. Letters and papers (10 folders) relating to expeditions to observe the eclipse of Dec. 1889. Includes letters from:

W. de W. Abney, 1;   W. H. M. Christie, 2;   E. B. Knobel, 12;   E. W. Maunder, 1;   S. J. Perry, 3;   A. Taylor, 3;   J. F. Tennant, 1;   H. H. Turner, 26;   W. H. Wesley, 3;   W. J. Wharton, 3


54. Minute books of the Solar Eclipse Committee and the Joint Permanent Eclipse Committee, two vols:

1. S.E.C. May 1888 – Jan. 1894; J.P.E.C. May 1894 – Jan. 1919.

2. J.P.E.C. May 1894 – May 1923.


55. Correspondence of the Joint Permanent Eclipse Committee:

1. A bound letter book, containing copies of letters, 1898–1902, all written by E. H. Hills (Grove-Hills) as secretary.

2. A large collection of letters (863 items, already numbered and in chronological order), with copies of replies by E. H. Hills (Grove-Hills), 1898–1912. Along with letters from the Secretaries of the Royal Society and the RAS, government officials and others, the collection includes letters from:

G. Angenheister, 1 letter, 1910;   P. Baracchi, 6, 1909;   L. Becker, 2, 1905, 1906;   W. H. Bragg, 3, 1912;   H. L. Callendar, 14, 1904–09;   W. H. M. Christie, 21, 1904–12;   W. E. Cooke, 6, 1908–10;   A. L. Cortie, 39, 1905–12;   P. H. Cowell, 1, 1911;   G. T. Dodwell, 12, 1909–11;   A. M. W. Downing, 5, 1903–10;   W. G. Duffield, 5, 1910–11;   F. W. Dyson, 21, 1901–12;   J. Evershed, 28, 1902–11;   G. Forbes, 5, 1909–10;   A. Fowler, 14, 1903–12;   D. Gill, 2, 1910, 1912;   A. R. Hinks, 2, 1910, 1912;   J. E. Keeler, 2, 1898, 1899;   J. Larmor, 3, 1906–12;   J. N. Lockyer, 19, 1898–1911;   W. J. S. Lockyer, 19, 1903–10;   T. R. Lyle, 1, 1909;   F. McClean, 6, 1908–11;   Mrs A. S. D. Maunder, 5, 1901;   E. W. Maunder, 8, 1898–1905;   H. C. Morize, 2, 1911, 1912;   H. F. Newall, 11, 1903–12;   E. C. Pickering, 3, 1898–1900;   A. A. Rambaut, 1, 1900;   J. H. Reynolds, 1,1905;   R. R. E. Schorr, 3, 1906–07;   A. Schuster, 5, 1903–11;   C. M. Smith, 3, 1909–11;   J. F. Tennant, 3, 1908–09;   C. Trépied, 1, 1900;   H. H. Turner, 29, 1902–12.

56. Correspondence (eight folders) relating to the expedition organized by Miss Kathleen Williams, RAS Assistant Secretary, to observe the eclipse of 31 Aug. 1932; letters are arranged alphabetically by correspondents.


57. Correspondence relating to a proposed memorial to John Flamsteed in Burstow Church, Surrey, 1892–93. Includes letters by W. H. M. Christie, E. B. Knobel, E. W. Maunder, H. H. Turner.


58. Correspondence relating to a suggested International Astronomical Conference, 1894. There are six letters from D. Gill, five from H. H. Turner, and one each from:

G. F. J. A. Auwers, R. S. Ball, R. Copeland, V. B. Derrécagaix, J. A. H. Gyldén, A. Hall, W. Harkness, G. W. Hill, J. C. Kapteijn, K. N. A. Krueger, M. Loewy, C. H. McLeod, S. Newcomb, E. C. Pickering, A. A. Rambaut, G. W. L. Struve, K. H. Struve, F. F. Tisserand, H. G. van de Sande Bakhuyzen

59. Correspondence and papers relating to the establishment of the Johannesburg Union Observatory, 1903. Includes letters (originals and copies) from D. Gill (1), R. T. A. Innes (5), T. Lewis (2), E. C. Pickering (1), H. H. Turner (4).


60. Bond for the due performance by John Williams of his duties as Assistant Secretary, Collector and Librarian to the RAS, signed by J. Williams, J. Lee, J. S. Bowerbank, 1846.


61. Guarantee for £250, signed by Lord Lindsay, W. De La Rue and W. Spottiswood, towards D. Gill’s expedition to observe the Opposition of Mars, 1877, should a similar sum not be awarded by the Government Grant Committee of the Royal Society.


62.  Minutes of Scientific Committees (various), 1882–1910.


63.  Minutes of the Photographic Committee, 1888–1934.


64.  Minutes of various committees, 1910–22. (Nautical Almanac, 1910–11; Solar Research, 1913; etc.)


65.  Minutes of the Library Committee, 1875–1944, two vols. (With occasional minutes of other committees: Instrument Committee, 1889–91; House Expenses, 1891.)


66.  A record of Fellows and others visiting the Society’s rooms, 1903–33.


67.  Letters and papers of the Committee on the Astronomical Day (and its use in nautical publications), four folders, 1917–19.


68.  Papers relating to the Society’s rooms at Somerset House and at Burlington House.


69.  Williams and Norgate: accounts of sales of publications, 1874–1906.


70.  Miscellaneous general papers, 1900–40. (Financial and other routine administrative papers.)


71.  A volume of ‘Original Entries of the Comparisons of various Standard Scales made by a Committee of the Royal Astronomical Society in the years 1834, 1835 and 1836’. The experimenters include F. Baily, B. Donkin, T. Henderson, M. J. Johnson, H. F. Murphy, R. Sheepshanks, W. Simms.