Manuscripts: Green - Howlett

GREEN Drawings and papers of Nathaniel Everett Green (1823–99).

1. A series of drawings of Mars, numbered 1–45 (3 are missing), made at Madeira, 1877. See Mem., xliv, 123–40.

2. Drawings of Mars (16), 1884, 1886, 1888.

3. Drawings of Jupiter, 1879–83.

4.1. Drawings of Jupiter (195), 1877, 1882–85.

4.2. Drawings of Jupiter (167), 1885–87.

5. On the Belts and Markings of Jupiter. See Mem., xlix, 260–70. The MS has additional drawings.

GROVE-HILLS Letters and papers of Edmond Herbert Grove-Hills (1864–1922).

1–3. Three bundles of loose papers: mostly correspondence, 1910–15, but also containing other astronomical notes. Includes letters from:

H. Andoyer, 1; B. Baillaud, 1; W. H. M. Christie, 1; A. L. Cortie, 1; P. H. Cowell, 1; A. C. D. Crommelin, 2; H. A. Deslandres, 1; W. G. Duffield, 1; F. W. Dyson, 4; A. S. Eddington, 6; G. Forbes, 1; A. Fowler, 1; E. B. Frost, 1; D. Gill, 1; J. W. L. Glaisher, 1; G. E. Hale, 1; A. R. Hinks, 3; H. P. Hollis, 2; R. Jonckheere, 1; E. B. Knobel, 15; J. Larmor, 3; E. W. Maunder, 1; W. H. Maw, 1; H. F. Newall, 4; A. Schuster, 2; H. H. Turner, 4; M. Wolf, 4.

There are also typed papers by G. E. Hale and by J. Evershed, and a group of papers relating to the election of the Lowndean Professor of Astronomy and Geometry at Cambridge, 1913, including applications from A. N. Whitehead, H. F. Baker and R. A. Herman. The original order of the papers is preserved.

4. Loose pages of notes, results, calculations and letters from an envelope marked ‘Eclipse Spectrum’. Includes letters from W. H. Walmsley and from H. F. Newall, and a paper by Hills on the eclipse of 22 Jan. 1898. The original arrangement is preserved.

5. Loose sheets in a folder marked ‘Infra Red’.

6.1. Large notebook containing tables of results: ‘Spectrum Photos. Eclipse 1898 Jan 22’. (Also May 1903.)

6.2. A letter from W. H. Walmsley, 1903, with pages of results, originally inside 6.1.

7. ‘On the photographic arc spectra of the metals between l 7600 and l 10,000.’

8. A collection of notes concerning eclipses, spectra, etc.

9. Printed extracts from RAS Council Reports concerning total solar eclipses, 1896–1905.

10. Loose papers related to Hills’s visit to the fourth conference of the International Union for Co-operation in Solar Research at Mount Wilson, 1910.

HARTWELL Papers from the library and observatory of John Lee at Hartwell House, Buckinghamshire, of which the major part are MSS of John Lee (1783–1866) (see 1–4, 7–22) and of William Henry Smyth (1788–1865) (see 5, 23–35).

1. Correspondence of J. Lee; mostly letters to Lee, arranged alphabetically by correspondents. Includes letters from:

R. Abbatt, 5 letters, 1861–62; G. B. Airy, 7, 1854–59; W. R. Birt, 74, 1861–65*; R. W. E. Bunsen, 1, 1847; J. Challis, 1, 1850; T. Chevallier, 1, 1848; W. Crookes, 1, n.d.; W. R. Dawes, 9, 1863–65; T. Dell, 3, 1860–61; A. De Morgan, 1, 1861; G. Dollond, 1, 1861; S. M. Drach, 1, 1861; J. Epps, 8, 1837–39*; J. Glaisher, 44, 1860–64*; R. W. H. Hardy, 36, 1849–63; J. Hartnup, 2, 1823, 1855; R. F. Heath, 9, 1860–63; T. Henderson, 1, 1834*; J. F. W. Herschel, 1, 1861; J. R. Hind, 1, 1846; R. Hodgson, 1, 1862; R. Inwards, 23, 1861–64; W. S. Jacob, 4, 1860–62*; G. Karsten, 1, 1847; S. King, 5, 1849–50; L. C. Langberg, 2, 1847; W. Lassell, 2, 1843 1847; E. J. Lowe, 6, 1849–52; J. McLaren, 1, 1850; R. Main, 8, 1844–55; W. Mann, 2, 1846, n.d.; F. N. M. Moigno, Abbé, 1, 1864; W. L. Newman, 1, 1850; Mrs H. Powell, 1, 1847; L. A. J. Quetelet, 1, 1848; C. Rümker, 40, 1844–62*; G. F. W. Rümker, 4, 1854, 2 n.d.; H. C. Schumacher, 3, 1846–50 (and a number of printed circulars); E. J. Stone, 1, 1864; F. G. W. Struve, 1, 1848; Mrs A. Smyth, 25, 1853; W. H. Smyth, 59, 1853; 1, 1863; I. Todhunter, 1, 1861; C. R. Weld, 1, 1854; J. Williams, 2, 1849, 1851*.
* Indicates additional letters from Lee.

There are also letters exchanged between W. R. Birt and T. W. Webb, and letters from Lee to H. Lawson, 1851, and to S. C. Whitbread, 1849.

2. Covers used by Lee for his correspondence.

3. Letters addressed to Lee and Smyth in thanks for presentation copies of Speculum Hartwellianum, Jan.– March 1860. The letters to Smyth are copies by Lee, and all have been pasted on to sheets and stitched together in 2 vols. Correspondents include:

G. B. Airy, R. C. Carrington, W. De La Rue, G. Dollond, J. F. W. Herschel, J. R. Hind, E. J. Lowe, R. Main, F. Pollock, C. Pritchard, T. R. Robinson, E. Sabine, H. Toynbee, J. Williams.

4. Correspondence between Lee and William Wyon concerning a proposed medal of W. H. Smyth, 1843.

5. Correspondence of W. H. Smyth; mostly letters to Smyth, some being copies by Lee. Includes letters from:

J. C. Adams, 1, 1860; J. Babinet, 1, 1865; J. G. Barclay, 1, 1860; F. Beaufort, 1, 1850; G. Dollond, 1, n.d.; R. Farley, 1, 1860; I. Fletcher, 1, 1853; J. F. W. Herschel, 3, 1850; T. Maclear, 1, n.d.; W. H. Miller, 1, 1862; Maria Mitchell, 1, 1863; J. Percy, 1, 1860; C. P. Smyth, 2, 1837, 1860; T. W. Webb, 1, 1864; A. Weld, 1, 1860.
6. Correspondence of James Epps. Includes letters from F. Baily (5), R. Main (2).

7. Correspondence relating to the affairs of Charles Rümker.

8. Miscellaneous letters in Lee’s possession, originals and copies. Correspondents include:

G. B. Airy, W. R. Birt, J. Glaisher, W. Crookes, W. R. Dawes, M. Faraday, T. Maclear, J. Millington, J. Ross, C. Rümker, J. South, T. W. Webb.

9. Loose notes and papers belonging to Lee, mostly concerning astronomy. Only some of these MSS are in Lee’s hand; their original order has been preserved.

10. Papers belonging to Lee concerning meteorology. Includes MSS of Lee, J. F. Cole, R. Inwards.

11. Scrapbook containing letters and papers (originals and copies) collected by Lee as Treasurer of the RAS. Includes letters of:

Viscount Adare, F. Baily, E. Belcher, H. Coddington, W. R. Dawes, A. De Morgan, G. Dollond, J. F. Encke, J. Epps, T. Galloway, J. Lee, W. Pearson, R. Sheepshanks, W. H. Smyth, W. S. Stratford.

12. Scrapbook containing mainly RAS printed circulars.

13. Loose papers relating to the RAS. Includes a letter from F. Fallows to W. Pearson, 1821.

14. Receipt for Lee’s composition subscription to the Astronomical Society, signed by W. Pearson, 11 Feb.


15. Papers relating to Hartwell Observatory.

16. Astronomical scrapbook: newspaper and other cuttings and notes, collected by Lee.

17. Astronomical scrapbook: notes, newspaper cuttings, letters, etc., collected by Lee. Includes letters from

G. B. Airy, S. M. Drach, G. Fisher, J. Glaisher, J. R. Hind, W. S. Jacob, H. Lawson, R. Main, W. Pearson, W. S. Stratford, J. Waterhouse.

18. Papers relating to C. Rümker: observations by Rümker and papers relating to his MSS.

19. Folder marked: ‘1827–1828. The Case of Mr. Cumin – Astronomer of the East India Company at Bombay’.

20. Letters and papers relating to the Chronological Institute of London.

21. Miscellaneous MSS among Lee’s papers.

22. Various legal documents.

23. Double star observations by Smyth, on printed forms arranged according to RA, 24 folders.

24.1–7. Other double star observations by Smyth on printed forms.

25. Reductions of Smyth’s transit and circle observations, 1830–39, 32 vols in all; generally not by Smyth himself, but by members of his family.

26–32 were together, and consist of papers arranged and marked by Smyth as follows:

26. ‘Nebulae omitted by Herschel’, catalogue; with other loose papers on nebulae, clusters and double stars.

27. ‘Names of the Constellations in various languages’, bound vol.

28. ‘Comet Papers’, loose papers; Halley’s comet, 1835.

29. ‘Corrections of AR & Dec. by Dr. Pearson’s Tables’, papers roughly stitched together.

30. ‘Orbit of g Virginis’, loose sheets.

31. ‘Places of Nebulae on squared paper’, loose sheets.

32. ‘Eclipse Papers’, loose papers; this is misleading – the papers concern various topics, including instruments.

33. Loose ordered sheets marked: ‘Positions of the stars in the Constellations identified’.

34. Loose sheets marked: ‘Table of Contents’.

35.1–3. Catalogue of Messier’s Nebulae, 3 copies.

36. Papers of J. Epps.

37. Papers of W. R. Birt.

38. A framed certificate of calibration of a maximum thermometer, signed by J. Glaisher, 1858.

39. Miscellaneous printed material.

HERSCHEL Letters, papers and observations of Caroline Lucretia Herschel (1750–1848), Sir John Frederick William Herschel (1792–1871) and Sir William Herschel (1738–1822).

See Appendix.

HIND Correspondence and papers of John Russell Hind (1823–95).

1. Letters to Hind, relating to his discoveries of minor planets. These letters were stitched together and arranged by Hind under separate covers, one for each asteroid. Since the letters could not be read without damage, the stitching has been removed, but Hind’s arrangement and order have been preserved.

1.1 Victoria. Discovered 13 Sept. 1850. Includes letters (in this order) from:

G. B. Airy, H. C. Schumacher, E. M. Hind, J. Challis, J. South, J. F. Encke, H. A. E. A. Faye, A. de Gasparis, P. H. L. von Boguslawski, C. Rümker, W. C. Bond, B. A. Gould, J. Lee, W. H. Smyth, W. K. Murray, C. P. Smyth, J. Hartnup, W. R. Dawes, A. Graham, T. Chevallier, R. C. Carrington, W. W. Boreham, J. Drew, H. Breen, N. R. Pogson, C. Shea, J. W. Woolgar.

There are 67 letters in all.

1.2 Irene. Discovered 19 May 1851. Includes letters from:

A. C. Petersen, J. F. Encke, C. L. Mathieu, C. Rümker, B. A. Gould, A. de Gasparis, A. T. d’Abbadie, J. F. W. Herschel, G. B. Airy, R. Main, J. Challis, M. Hall, R. Sheepshanks, W. R. Dawes, J. Lee, W. K. Murray, W. W. Boreham, G. Bishop, R. C. Carrington, E. M. Hind, G. P. Bond.

There are 48 letters in all.

1.3 Melpomene. Discovered 24 June 1852. Letters from A. C. Petersen, M. Hall, J. F. W. Herschel, J. Challis, J. Hartnup, T. Chevallier; 10 in all.

1.4 Fortuna. Discovered 22 Aug. 1852. Includes letters from:

R. Main, G. B. Airy, A. C. Petersen, J. Challis, J. Hartnup, W. Ellis, N. R. Pogson, G. Bishop, W. W. Boreham.

There are 17 letters in all.

1.5 Calliope. Discovered 17 Nov. 1852. Includes letters from:

G. B. Airy, R. Main, J. F. W. Herschel, U. J. J. Le Verrier, A. C. Petersen, J. C. Adams, J. Challis, T. Chevallier, W. Ellis, J. Hartnup, J. Lee, G. Bishop, W. W. Boreham, N. R. Pogson.

There are 30 letters in all.

1.6 Thalia. Discovered 15 Dec. 1852. Includes letters from:

A. C. Petersen, G. B. Airy, J. Challis, J. Hartnup, W. Ellis, R. C. Carrington, N. R. Pogson, W. W. Boreham.

There are 16 letters in all.

1.7 Euterpe. Discovered 8 Nov. 1853. Includes letters from:

R. Main, G. B. Airy, F. Beaufort, Mme F. Petersen, U. J. J. Le Verrier, A. de Gasparis, C. L. Mathieu, J. South, J. Challis, T. Chevallier, J. Hartnup, Mrs A. Smyth, R. C. Carrington, S. C. Whitbread, N. M. Edmondson, W. W. Boreham, G. Bishop, N. R. Pogson.

There are 38 letters in all.

1.8 Urania. Discovered 22 July 1854. Includes letters from:

R. Main, G. B. Airy, K. T. R. Luther, U. J. J. Le Verrier, J. Challis, R. C. Carrington, N. R. Pogson, T. Chevallier, W. W. Boreham, A. De Morgan.

There are 17 letters in all.

2. Other letters to Hind. From L’Académie Impériale des Sciences, St Petersburg (1), L’Académie des Sciences (4), G. B. Airy (3), Glasgow University (1), R. Grant (2), U. J. J. LeVerrier (5), Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society (1), O. W. Struve (1).

3. Notebook: ‘Extracts, Memoranda and Remarks on Cometary Astronomy. Commenced April 5th 1841’.

4. Bound MS tract: ‘On the Past History of the Comet of Halley.’ Cf MN, x, 51–58.

5. A copy of J. R. Hind, The comets (London, 1852), with some MS notes.

6. Miscellaneous loose papers (not all by Hind).

7. Diplomas and certificates.

HORNSBY Observations of Thomas Hornsby (1733–1810).

See MN, lx, 265–93; H. Knox-Shaw, J. Jackson and W. H. Robinson, eds, The observations of the Reverend Thomas Hornsby, D.D. (London, 1932).

1. Transits, 8 vols:

1. Jan. 1774 – Dec. 1775

2. Jan. 1776 – Nov. 1779

3. Nov. 1779 – May 1784

4. Sept. 1784 – Dec. 1790

5. Jan. 1791 – Oct. 1794

6. Oct. 1794 – May 1798

7. May 1798 – May 1802

8. May 1802 – July 1805

2. Zenith distances, 4 vols:

1. Dec. 1773 – Dec. 1776

2. Jan. 1777 – April 1783

3. April 1783 – Dec. 1792

4. Jan. 1793 – Dec. 1803

3. Loose sheets of zenith sector observations.

HOWLETT Observations of sunspots by Frederick Howlett (1821–1908).

Drawings of sunspots, 8 vols:

1, 1859–61; 2, 1862–63; 3, 1864; 4, 1865–66; 5, 1866, 1869–74,18 77; 6, 1870, 1880–82; 7, 1883–85; 8, 1886–92.

See MN, xxxvi, 297; xxxvii, 364; lv, 73–6.