The Herschel Archive:– John Herschel (Part 2 of 2)

The Herschel Archive:– John Herschel (Part 2 of 2)

10. Papers relating to the publication and distribution of Results. From a single folder marked: ‘A. No. 8. Re Presentation Copies of my Cape Obsns’.

10/1. Loose miscellaneous notes on the estimated cost of publishing Results, with letters from Peter Stewart to JH (10 Nov. 1836, one undated, 5 April 1845, 7 April 1845) and to Lady Margaret Brodie Herschel (8 Feb. [—]).
10/2.1. Loose ‘Preparatory Lists’ of recipients of presentation copies of Results.
10/2.2. Notebook marked: ‘Distribution of Presentation Copies of Results of Astronomical Observations at the Cape of Good Hope’. (Lists of recipients.)
10/2.3. Lists of distributed presentation copies.
10/3. Letters to JH from Smith, Elder & Co., publishers of Results, 1847–48, 1852, 1862, including one from Peter Stewart; letters from James Hayday, bookbinder, June–August 1847; rough copy (?draft) of a letter JH to Smith, Elder & Co., n.d.
10/4. Folder marked: ‘Duke of Northumberlands Letters &c’. (Letters to JH from Algernon, fourth Duke of Northumberland, with drafts and copies of JH’s letters, 1847.)
10/5. Letters of thanks for copies of Results from individuals, observatories, libraries, societies and embassies. (The letters – 150 in all – had been arranged by countries. Among those from individuals, there are letters from: Antoine Thompson d’ABBADIE, letter no. 89; John Couch ADAMS, 28; Heinrich Louis d’ARREST, 106; David BREWSTER, 121; Thomas Macdougall BRISBANE, 123; James CHALLIS, 32; Temple CHEVALLIER, 33, 39; Spencer J. A. COMPTON, second Marquis of Northampton, 26; Edward Joshua COOPER, 103; Pierre DAUSSY, 88; George DOLLOND, 35; Johann Franz ENCKE, 109; Michael FARADAY, 37; George FISHER, 54; William Henry FITTON, 59; James David FORBES, 120; Thomas GALLOWAY, 17; Jean Alfred GAUTIER, 130; J. Henry GRIESBACH, 53; John HARTNUP, 41; Eduard HEIS, 111; John Russell HIND, 23; Thomas John HUSSEY, 73; Manuel John JOHNSON, 46; Richard JONES, 27; Frederik KAISER, 97; Marian KOLLER, 2; Adolph Theodor KUPFFER, 117; Paul Auguste Ernest LAUGIER, 86; Henry LAWSON, 40; John LEE, 21; Joseph LOVERING, 142; John William LUBBOCK, 83; Robert MAIN, 18; Félix Victor MAUVAIS, 87; Georg MERZ, 6; Roderick Impey MURCHISON, 78; Richard NAPIER (brother of Sir George Thomas), 74; James NASMYTH, 76; John Pringle NICHOL, 119; Denison OLMSTED, 147; Robert T. PAINE, 148; William PARSONS, third Earl of Rosse, 102; Benjamin PEIRCE, 138; Christian August Friedrich PETERS, 116; Frédéric PETIT, 90; Robert PHELPS, 67; Lambert Adolphe Jacques QUETELET, 10; Edwin R. W. Wyndham-QUIN, Viscount Adare, 36; Henry RAPER, 57; James RENWICK, 144, 145; Augustin RESLHUBER, 3; Edward RIDDLE, 50; James Clark ROSS, 38; John RUSKIN, 71; William RUTHERFORD, 70; Edward SABINE, 31; Heinrich Christian SCHUMACHER, 15; Samuel Heinrich SCHWABE, 110; Adam SEDGWICK, 63; Richard SHEEPSHANKS, 34; William SIMMS, 68; Charles Piazzi SMYTH, 24; William Henry SMYTH, 22; William Samuel STRATFORD, 55; William Henry SYKES, 25; William Henry Fox TALBOT, 66; Ralph TATHAM, 19; Sears Cook WALKER, 146; Élie François WARTMANN, 129; William WHEWELL, 58; W. S. B. WOOLHOUSE, 56; John Webb WOOLLGAR, 42; John WROTTESLEY, second Baron Wrottesley, 29.
10/6. Miscellaneous notes and correspondence concerning the distribution of copies of Results. (Includes drafts and copies of letters from JH, and letters to him from Francis Beaufort, 23 August 1847, and Edward Sabine, 22 Nov. [1847].)
10/7. Blank forms of presentation.



11. Observations and notes made at Collingwood.

11/1. Notebook: ‘Full Moons. Vol 1. Extracts from my diaries and other memoranda, respecting the full moon clearing the weather’. (1841–59.)
11/2.1. Sunspot observations, 1826,1836, 1856–58, 1865–71 (this group comprises the bulk of the collection), pasted into a scrapbook.
11/2.2. Loose pages of observations and notes originally inside 11/2.1.


12. The General Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars. From a folder marked: ‘A. 13. Coll[—] & preparatory papers for General Catalogue of Nebulae’.

12/1. Letters and loose pages of notes and calculations, arranged under separate covers marked as follows:
1.1. Nebulae Airy. (Contains letters to JH, 15 from G. B. Airy, Jan. 1862 – Feb. 1863, and 1 from E. J. Stone, 14 Jan. 1863.)
1.2. Nebulae Lord Rosse. (Includes letters to JH, 5 from the Earl of Rosse, May 1862 – Jan. 1863, 1 from S. Hunter, 26 July 1862, and 1 from G. J. Stoney, 24 Sept. 1862; also ‘Memorandum on the positions of a few of the new Nebulae met with by the Earl of Rosse...’ by Stoney.)
1.3. Cover not marked by JH, but contains loose pages of calculations relating to the Earl of Rosse’s observations. (Includes letters to JH from J. Lee, 18 July 1862 and 1 n.d. and incomplete, and 1 from E. J. Lowe, 13 Nov. 1860.)
1.4. List of Nebulae by Auwers.
1.5. Nebulae Cooper. (Contains 3 letters to JH from E. J. Cooper, 28 April 1862, 3 May 1862, 8 May 1862.)
1.6. Nebulae Hind. (Contains 6 letters to JH from J. R. Hind, 12 May 1852, Feb. – Dec. 1862.)
1.7. Nebulae Mr Lassell. (Contains 5 letters to JH from W. Lassell, May – Nov. 1862.)
1.8. Nebulae D’Arrest. (Includes 6 letters to JH from H. L. d’Arrest, March 1862 – May 1863).
1.9. Nebulae G. B. Bond’s list.
1.10. Nebulae Cash Accounts. Nebulae RS Grant. (Includes letters to JH, 2 from E. Sabine, 15 Aug., 25 Aug. 1862; 3 from G. G. Stokes, 5 March, 28 March, 20 Aug. 1862; 3 from G. B. Airy, 26 April, 19 Nov. 1862, 7 Feb. 1863;4 from W. White, March–Nov. 1862; 1 from W. Sharpey, 25 Oct. 1862.)
1.11. Errors detected... (Includes 3 letters to JH from G. B. Airy, 26 May, 2 June, 5 June 1863.)
12/2. A notebook containing, on the recto sides of the leaves, ‘Index Catalogue of my Father’s Nebulae arranged in order of RA; and those of Messier and Dunlop. From My Aunt’s Catalogue in Zones, & Messiers. list and Dunlops. Phil. Trans. 1828. [vol 1]’, and on the verso sides, ‘Gen. Cat. of Neb – Draft of abbreviated descriptions i’ (see the ‘Summary Description’ column in Gen. Cat. Neb.).
12/3. A number of large loose sheets of a catalogue (4015 entries) under a cover marked: ‘General Index Catalogue of the Nebulae in the two Hemispheres. Reduced to the Epoch 1830.0. Containing 1. All the Nebulae in my Catal of 1833 observed at Slough 2nd All those observed by Sir WH which have not been observed by me as reduced & arranged in C.H’s general catalogue for 1800 and brought up to 1830 3rd All those of my Cape Catalogue 4. All Messiers nebulae of the list in the Connaissence des Temps 5. The nebulae discovered by Struve, Hind, &c not to be found among the other lists altogether about half a dozen’.
12/4. Loose sheets of ‘A General Index Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars’. (This seems to be the complete catalogue prior to the reduction to 1860, see Gen. Cat. Neb., p. 3.)
12/5. Three printed forms of ‘Sir J.F.W. Herschel’s General Catalogue of Nebulae’ (see Gen. Cat. Neb., pp. 3–6), containing the reduced values by Kerschner and the ‘Summary Descriptions’ and various corrections added by JH.
12/6. Draft of the Introduction, Explanation, Notes on the Catalogue, &c, see Gen. Cat. Neb., pp. 1–45.


13. MSS relating to JH’s paper ‘On the Solar Spots’, Quarterly journal of science, 1(1864), 219–235. The papers originally formed a single bundle.

13/1. Letters to JH from the editors of Quarterly journal of science, 1 from William Crookes, 15 Oct. 1863, 15 from James Samuelson, Jan.–April 1864.
13/2. Letters to JH from R. C. Carrington (15 Jan., 18 Jan., 2 Feb. 1864), and a copy of 1 letter to Carrington from JH.
13/3. Miscellaneous notes and drafts of the paper ‘On the Solar Spots’. (Includes a letter to JH from G. B. Airy, 1 Jan. 1863.)


14. The General Catalogue and General History of Double Stars.

14/1. General Catalogue of Double Stars. Reduced to the Epoch 1830.0. (See Gen. Cat. D. S., pp. vi–vii, 1–131.)
14/2. General History of Double Stars. (A series of individual ‘synoptical histories’ of double stars on printed forms, arranged by RA in 24 boxes, see Gen. Cat. D. S., pp. v–vi.)
14/3. Loose pages of notes under a cover marked (by A. S. Herschel) ‘MS Notes and Memoranda for General History of Double Stars’. (These papers have been arranged, as far as possible, in the order given in A. S. Herschel’s list, see 14/4.1, in 19 folders numbered 3.1–3.19. 3.9 includes a letter to JH from G. B. Airy, 25 July 1840; 3.15 includes an invitation from J. Lee to visit Hartwell House;3.17 includes a letter to JH from R. Main, 28 Nov. 1868; 3.18 includes a letter to JH from J. R. Hind, 23 June 1854.)
14/4. Papers relating to the publication of the General Catalogue.
4.1. A letter from A. S. Herschel to W. Lassell (as President of the RAS), 6 June 1871, with an accompanying list of ‘Contents of the Box of Papers; MS of a General Catalogue and General History of Double Stars’, and copies of some of the papers under 14/3.
4.2. A letter from W. Huggins to R. Main, 13 June 1871, and the report on JH’s papers by Main and Pritchard, 8 Nov. 1871.
4.3. Five volumes: ‘Computation of Annual Precessions in Right Ascension for the Epoch 1830.0, for the Completion of Sir John Herschel’s “General Catalogue of Double Stars”’, on printed sheets. (See Gen. Cat. D. S.,
4.4 List of Contents of box containing MS of Sir J. Herschel’s Catalogue of Stars. Returned by Rev R. Main, June 10. 1875.


15. Miscellaneous papers.

15/1. Loose pages of early astronomical exercises. (Includes material in WH’s hand.)
15/2. A receipt from the Astronomical Society for JH’s composition fee, signed by W. Pearson, 7 Feb. 1825.
15/3.1. Photocopy of a notebook marked: ‘Notata Biographica’. (Biographical notes by JH, 1783–1829.)
15/3.2. Photocopy of the same notebook, opened from the back. A list of payments and receipts for the period 20 Oct. 1838 – 15 Jan. 1840;the hand is not JH’s.
The original notebook is in the possession of Mrs E. Shorland.
15/4. Miscellaneous pages of notes (now bound together): expenses and biographical notes. (Photocopy of original in the possession of Mrs E. Shorland.)
15/5. Two letters to JH from RAS Secretaries: C. Pritchard, 20 Jan. 1864, and R. Hodgson, 18 Dec. 1866, in an envelope marked by JH: ‘Re disposal of my Fathers & Aunt’s MSS’.
15/6. Loose pages of notes and calculations in an envelope marked by JH: ‘Calculations about meteorites...’. (Dec. 1866. Includes a letter to JH from R. Hunt, 5 June 1845.)
15/7. Three glass lantern-slides: copies of JH’s 1839 photograph of the superstructure of the 40-ft telescope.
15/8. A copy of J. E. Bode, Uranographia, Berlin, 1801, containing some pencil annotations by JH.