The Herschel Archive:– Caroline Herschel


The Herschel Archive:– Caroline Herschel



1. Letters and papers from a bundle marked by CH: ‘This is what I call the Bills & Recds of my Comets’

1/1.1. Book of Observations. From Augt 28, 1782 to Feb. 5, 1787.
1/1.2. Book of Observations. From July 7, 1788 to Augt 15, 1797.
1/1.3. Book of Observations. From Augt 25, 1797 to [Jan. 31, 1824]. (Pagination is continuous through 1/1.1–3.)
1/1.4. Journal. From July 19, 1791 To Jan. 22, 1795.
1/1.5. Index.
1/2. Observations of the Thermometer and Barometer.
1/3. Notes and correspondence relevant to each of the eight comets discovered by CH, arranged by her in separate folders. (These include letters by CH, WH, A. Aubert, J. Banks, C. Blagden, H. M. von Brühl, H. Englefield, N. Maskelyne, P.-F.-A. Mechain, K. F. von Seyffer.)
3.1. First Comet. 1786.
3.2. Second Comet. 1788.
3.3. Third Comet. 1790.
3.4. Fourth Comet. 1790.
3.5. Fift Comet. 1791–92.
3.6. Sixth Comet. 1794.
3.7. Seventh Comet. 1795.
3.8. Eight Comet. 1797.


2. Papers relating to CH’s work on Flamsteed’s observationsand catalogue.

2/1.1. Flamsteeds Catalogue brought into Zones of N.P.D. NB from 45° to 124° inclus.
2/1.2. Flamsteed’s Catalogue. Second Copy. 0° to 126° inclusive.
2/1.3. Flamsteed’s Catalogue brought into Zones.
2/2. Flamsteed’s Magnitudes of Stars of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 3.4th order drawn out for ready inspection.
2/3. Corrections required in Flamsteed’s Catalogue and Atlas, from his Observations.
2/4.1. Various papers under a cover marked: ‘1st Copy and trials of the catalogue of Stars omitted in the Brit. cat.’
2/4.2. 1st Copy of Omitted stars.
2/4.3. Catalogue of Flamsteed’s Stars not inserted in the British catalogue, 2nd Copy. (The title and some instructions concerning printing have been added by WH.)
2/4.4. No. 1. Calculation.
2/4.5. No. 2. Calculation.
2/5.1. Catalogue of omitted stars in the order of RA.
2/5.2. Another copy of 2/5.1.
2/6.1. Index to Flamsteed’s Observations.
2/6.2. Index of Stars in Flamsteed’s Catalogue. 1st Copy.
2/6.3. Index of Stars in Flamsteed’s Catalogue. 2nd Copy.
2/7.1. Errata and Memorandums in Observ. Cat. & Atl.
2/7.2. Errata 2nd copy.
2/8. A copy of C. L. Herschel, Catalogue of stars, taken from Mr. Flamsteed’s observations contained in the second volume of the Historia Coelestis, and not inserted in the British Catalogue. With an index, to point out every observation in that volume belonging to the stars of the British Catalogue. To which is added, a collection of errata that should be noticed in the same volume, London, The Royal Society, 1798. (This copy seems to have been presented to WH by CH. It contains an engraved portrait of Flamsteed, on the reverse of which CH has written: ‘Adieu Flamsteed Hannover June 13, 1830’.)
2/9. Flamsteeds Catalogue of Stars, their places brought to the Year 1790. Arranged in the order of Right ascension in their respective Zones of North Polar Distance.
2/10. CH’s copy of Flamsteed’s Atlas coelestis (London, 1729), with annotations.


3. Various catalogues and indexes.

3/1.1. Temporary Index. (An index to WH’s Journal, Review, &c.)
3/1.2. Another copy of 3/1.1.
3/2.1. Sweeps calculated for 1800.
3/2.2. A catalogue of the Stars observed in my Brother’s Sweeps brought to the time Jan. 0. 1800 by the corrections given in Woll. Catalogue.
3/2.3. A Catalogue of the Stars which have been observed by Wm. Herschel in a series of Sweeps; brought into Zones of N.P. Distance and order of RA for the year 1800, by applying the variation given with each respective star in Wollaston’s or Bode’s Catalogues.
3/3. A book of reductions entitled, ‘Nebulae from Sweeps’.
3/4. New Double Stars. (A catalogue of known double stars, for ascertaining whether future observations are ‘new’.)
3/5. Notes to stars in the 5th and 6th (‘unpublished’) Catalogues of Comparative Brightnesses (Papers, ii, 628–48), apparently sent by CH to JH.
3/6. Extracts from Bodes Jahrbüchern.
3/7.1. Erata [sic] Collecting [from Bode’s Uranographia]:
3/7.2. Errata in Bode’s Verzeichniss. (A fair copy, prepared by CH for JH.)
3/8. A presentation copy of F. Wollaston, A specimen of a general astronomical catalogue, arranged in zones of north polar distance... , London, 1789, with annotations.


4. Miscellaneous papers.

4/1.1. Photocopy of a letter from Lady Mary Herschel to CH, 27 July 1800.
4/1.2. Photocopy of an incomplete copy of a letter from CH to Lady Mary Herschel, 14 Oct. 1824. The originals are in the possession of Mrs E. Shorland.
4/2. Photocopy of CH’s autobiography. (Incomplete.) Original in the possession of Mrs E. Shorland.
4/3. Miscellaneous notes, marked by CH: ‘This was intended about the year 1789 to be A Journal of C.H.’s observations with the naked eye. But may now rather be called A place Book’. (Contains a list of the contents of WH’s published papers, together with other notes and biographical memoranda.)
4/4. Loose pages of miscellaneous notes under a cover marked: ‘First calculations of C.H.’s observations’.
4/5. A copy of F. von Zach (ed), Monatliche correspondenz, 1802, containing a biographical note on WH, annotated by CH.