The Bennett Catalogue


The Bennett Catalogue

Catalogue of the Archives and Manuscripts of the Royal Astronomical Society

Memoirs of the Royal Astronomical Society Vol. 85 (Mem. R. astr. Soc. (1978) 85, 1–90)
Compiled by J. A. Bennett

These pages contain the Archive Catalogue of the Royal Astronomical Society (Memoirs of the RAS Vol. 85) scanned using OCR at the University of Kent. They have been proof read and placed online as an aid to searching the catalogue. A few minor errors in the printed catalogue have been corrected in this online version; notes of any remaining errors will be gratefully received. This Web version was prepared by Ian Ridpath.

A list of additions to the Archives since Dr Bennett compiled the original catalogue has been produced by the undersigned and is being added to this online version.

The original catalogue and this online version are the copyright of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Peter D. Hingley

Librarian, RAS

Index of Contents

Foreword by D. W. Dewhirst
Introduction by J. A. Bennett

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