Prof. Hervé Chauris


École de Mines, France

Date joined board
Geophysical Journal International
Image of Prof. Hervé Chauris

Hervé Chauris is a Professor of Geophysics at Mines ParisTech. His main research interests are seismic wave propagation and seismic imaging, in particular the determination of the long scale structures of the Earth. He has developed a number of algorithms to characterise the sub-surface by looking and analysing seismic data in different domains (e.g. before or after imaging) and according to different criteria (e.g. data misfit, focusing). He is interested in better understanding the physics of wave propagation as an essential step for extracting information out of the data. He has been able to transpose his experience on seismic imaging to electrical resistivity tomography. The main applications have been developed in the context of exploration geophysics and near surface characterisation.