System-scale observations and modelling of solar wind-magnetosphere-ionosphere-thermosphere coupling - POSTPONED

SLAMS waves
System-scale observations and modelling of solar wind-magnetosphere-ionosphere-thermosphere coupling
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Organisers: John Coxon (Southampton); R. Shore (BAS); A. Aruliah (UCL); S. Bentley (Reading)

This meeting will feature Colin Waters (University of Newcastle, Australia) as the invited speaker, alongside talks and posters from other members of the community.

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The abstract for the meeting is as follows:

The impact of external drivers on Earth’s magnetosphere is of increasing interest to the scientific community as policy-makers begin to recognise the hazard posed by space weather. A key part of this is understanding the magnetospheric response to these stimuli on the scale of the system by treating it holistically. We aim to reconcile our existing understanding of physics and coupling across all scales. Only by combining processes on different scales can we understand how they give rise to collective behaviour in the coupled magnetosphere-ionosphere-thermosphere system. This meeting will bring members of the community who are working on system-scale science together, with the aim of sharing the state-of-the-art in analysis techniques and physical results coming from system-scale datasets such as AMPERE, SuperDARN and SuperMAG and also system-scale models. A synthesis of data and techniques is necessary for fully developing both our scientific understanding of the Sun’s effects on Earth and also our operational capacity to forecast the hazards posed to us by space weather.

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The Royal Astronomical Society,Burlington House


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