Novel astrophysical probes of dark matter

Novel astrophysical probes of dark matter
Springel et al. (2015) & The Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics
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Organisers: Dr Tommi Tenkanen (Johns Hopkins University); Dr David Mulryne (Queen Mary);

Prof Malcolm Fairbairn (King's College London); Prof Arttu Rajantie (Imperial)

The meeting is dedicated for discussions on novel astrophysical probes of dark matter including both large and small scale structure of the universe. The presentations and discussions will include how to connect models of dark matter to astrophysical observables and how to test them, how to seek for new observational probes, and what current and near-future astrophysical missions such as Gaia, Euclid, and LSST can reveal about the nature of dark matter.


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The Geological Society,Burlington House,LONDON


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