Paneth Meteorite Trust Awards

We are delighted to announce the restart Paneth Meteorite Trust Awards for 2022.

The F. A. Paneth Meteorite Trust was set up ‘to encourage and further research concerned with meteorites’ with funds from the late Professor F. A. Paneth. The Trust is administered by the Royal Astronomical Society and offers bursaries to fund several summer internships for undergraduates to experience research into meteoritics (and closely allied fields). The intention is to foster the next generation of meteoritics researchers.

Applications for projects in the field of meteoritics are accepted from potential supervisors at institutions of higher education in Europe (the EU and associated countries) or associated with a named institution in Europe. The connection of the proposed project to meteoritics must be clear. Deadline for applications Friday, April 29 2022 with the aim of informing applicants of decisions in mid-May 2022.

It will be up to the successful institutions to identify and appoint suitable candidates for the internships. Candidates should be undergraduates, or the equivalent, and may be of any nationality. Projects should normally last 6 weeks. We can accept a case for a studentship up to 10 weeks, but it may be necessary to cut back the duration in case of oversubscription. Bursaries are paid at the rate of £180 per week (£190 in London), intended to be passed in its entirety to the undergraduate. Bursaries are not taxable in the UK, nor is National Insurance payable. Please note we will not pay instrument charges, bench fees, overheads, FEC, travel to work (except possibly field work, where this is necessary for the project) or any other charges except those that are directly associated with the project work, if we accept the case made to do so.

Applications must include a one page outline of the project and, on a second page, its budget (converted to pounds sterling – we can however pay in euros).


To apply

Applications should be submitted (by letter or e-mail) to:

Dr Caroline Smith (Secretary, Paneth Trust)
Department of Earth Sciences
Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road,
London SW7 5BD, UK

Tel: +44 20 7942 5709